What is ETX Capital?

ETX Capital is a margin CFD trading and financial spread betting broker based in the City of London. The firm can trace its roots back to 1965 but its current format came into existence in 2002, in the shape of Tradindex, which was later re-branded as ETX Capital.

They now have some 55,000 clients from across the globe. Their main services and products are in CFDs, FX trading and Spread Betting, however, they also offer an equity trading service for HNWI.

ETX was recently acquired by the Swiss-based Guru Capital who are likely to broaden the range of services and products that the company offers to its clients.

ETX Capital Expert Review

ETX offers two FX and CFD trading accounts depending upon the platform that you will trade through. Traders have a choice of ETX Traderpro the company’s in-house trading system or an ETX hosted version of MT4, one of the most popular FX trading platforms in the world.

ETX Capital Trading Account

Traderpro, the ETX in house system has a wider range of markets compared to MT4 so which account/platform you choose will probably come down to the instruments you want to deal in.

ETX has more than 5000 markets for its clients to choose from, which is less than the likes of Saxo, CMC and IG, but that selection is still probably more than enough for the majority of traders.

ETX offers a more personalised service than many of its peers, particularly if you are an HNWI.

Our experience is that you can often speak to a person to resolve an issue or get some help rather than just relying on FAQs or a forum.

ETX Capital Mobile App

ETX offers mobile trading through dedicated apps for both Android and iOS devices, and you can download the apps via the ETX Capital website or from the respective app stores.

The Android version of the trading app has been downloaded more than 10,000 times, and it scores 4.5 out of a possible 5 stars. However, there do seem to have been some teething troubles with the platform judging by some of the more recent reviews in the Google Play store.

The iOs version of the app scores 4.4 out of a possible five in the app store and there have been 8 updates to this version of the app in 2021 as of the time of writing, suggesting that the latest version of this software had been a bit buggy.

However, we found navigating around the app, trading and placing orders on it to be straightforward.

The app is menu and icon-driven and easy to use, for instance, you can call up a chart by selecting an instrument from a watchlist, and you can change the time frames or chart style using the buttons below that chart.

Drawing lines and adding indicators is also straightforward. Though you may need to practice your screen tapping skills to get your trend line placement exact.

Balances and running P&Ls on your open positions are displayed prominently at the top of the screen, but you can toggle that view on or off using an icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

When we ran the app it worked well and was simple to use, easy on the eye and generally a positive experience. Charts always look better on a big screen, and if you have a phone with a small display you may find the layout a bit cramped, but that’s probably more of a comment about your device than it is about the app.

ETX Capital Pros

  • A UK based and long-established business
  • CFDs, FX and Spread Betting all available in one place
  • Offers some unique markets such as equity index differentials

ETX Capital Cons

  • Relatively narrow product range compared to peers
  • The charging and fee structure can appear overly complicated
  • No options trading at ETX Capital

ETX Capital Pricing, Charges & Fees

ETX charges a bid-offer spread on the products it trades, those spreads can vary between platforms, for example, on Traderpro the minimum spread in AUDUSD is 0.80 points whilst on MT4 the spread is a minimum of 1.10.

On index CFDs, spreads can also vary by the time of day or market session.

So for example on MT4 in the FTSE or UK 100 index, the minimum spread will be 6 points between 7.00 am and 9.00 pm and 10 points at other times.

And on Traderpro the UK 100 spread is 2.0 points between 7.00 am and 8.00 am, after which it falls to one point until 4.30 pm, when it reverts to 2 points, until 9.00 pm, before widening to 6.0 points overnight.

ETX sets out these variable charges in series of filterable tables on its website, so, despite the seeming complexity, it’s actually easier to follow than it sounds.

When it comes to CFDs over individual shares ETX charges commissions, so for CFDs on US stocks on Traderpro it charges 2 cents per share with a minimum ticket of $15.00 per side, and for trades on UK stocks, it’s 0.10% commission with a £10.00 minimum ticket.

Once again these charges are levied on a per side basis. However, if you are trading equity CFDs via MT4 you will just pay a spread that starts at 0.10% of the underlying price, per side.

ETX has also just introduced a list of Blue chip equity that can be traded as CFDs but without any commission charges.

In terms of how ETX charges compare to the competition, you can probably trade cheaper elsewhere, but given the size of ETX’s client base, we have to assume that they are not shopping on price and must be staying put for the service.

ETX Capital CFD Trading

ETX offers CFDs or contracts for differences over a range of equity indices, single name equities and ETFs, commodities, bonds and interest rates. CFDs are cash-settled and OTC traded, and they have no fixed contract size or expiry date.

They allow traders to speculate on the rise and fall in the price of an underlying instrument without the need for ownership, meaning that CFD traders have an economic interest in a share or commodity, but not a physical one. When you trade with CFDs you could say that you are trading an assets price but not the asset itself.

At ETX charges vary by contract and the platform you are trading over, and we have outlined some of these in the section above. Overall there is a good range of instruments to trade CFDs on. The Traderpro platform is simple to use and navigate around, and the ETX CFD offering compares very favourably with that of their peers.

ETX Capital Forex Trading

ETX offers its clients the ability to trade FX or Foreign Exchange the world’s largest financial market by turnover.

Clients trade what’s know as rolling spot FX, on a margin traded basis, where a clients trading deposit is geared up or leveraged by their broker.

FX traders speculate on the rise and fall of the price of one currency in terms of another, for example, the value of the US dollar in Japanese yen or British pounds.

FX is traded in pairs because two currencies make up the FX rate. Though traditional only FX rates that contain the US dollar or Euro are considered pairs, all other FX rates are known as crosses. Backing or buying one currency in an FX pair or cross rate means that you are also shorting or selling the other currency in that pairing.

ETX Capital offer FX rates in majors, minors and so-called exotics. Clients trade these FX rates as CFDs and so there is no ownership of the underlying, just economic interest in price changes, there is no delivery of physical currency, instead, there is just a debit or credit on your account as and when the trade is closed, depending on whether the trade was closed for a profit or a loss.

ETX offers FX trading through Traderpro (its in house platform) and MT4, the spreads that are charged depend on the product you are trading and the platform you are trading it over.

For example, the minimum spread on Cable or GBPUSDF is 0.90 on Traderpro and 1.20 on MT4. Whilst the average spread on the pair is 1.58 on Traderpro and 1.85 on MT4. On that basis it’s more economic to trade FX at ETX using Traderpro, MT4 persists however as it’s a very popular platform.

In terms of how ETX stacks up with its peers in FX trading, they offer a decent range of FX contracts to trade, though less than direct rivals such as CMC Markets.

The two-tier pricing structure that ETX operates makes direct pricing comparison quite opaque a rule of thumb would be that Traderpro spreads are competitive, MT4 rates less so.

ETX Capital Spread Betting

ETX offers Financial Spread Betting alongside CFD and FX trading though clients will need to have separate accounts for trading and betting. Spread Betting on financial markets offers some tax advantages to UK residents and under current legislation profits made through Spread Betting, by individual UK taxpayers, are not subject to capital gains tax.

Whereas profits made from trading CFDs, FX, or other markets, that are greater than any personal allowances, are taxable.

Spread Bets on equity indices are among the most popular products, though people also regularly bet on FX rates, individual stocks and commodity prices

Spread Bettors look for active markets that are trending or trading within a discernable range, rather than moving erratically. Spread Betting customers at ETX can bet on a similar list of around 5,000 markets and can do so from both desktop platforms or mobile apps

ETX Capital Trading Platform

ETX Capital has its own in house platform known as Traderpro which is a browser or web-based system. There is no download you simply log in using your user name and password and the platform opens in a new browser tab, or window, on your desktop.

The trading platform is menu-driven you can search for markets to trade or scroll through a series of existing watch lists of trending and popular instruments, or different asset classes. Across the top of the trading screen is a toolbar with links to settings and other services.

The screen layouts can be configured to your needs and new layouts can be saved for later use there are a series of video available to take new users through that process which can be found under the trading tools tab. Likewise, you can customize and save your preferred chart setups.

Traderpro is a very approachable platform, and for free software without the need for a download, it’s very user friendly and intuitive. Yes, it may lack some of the bells and whistles of more advanced systems but often they come with a price tag or monthly subscription attached. Overall Traderpro compares very favourably with the platforms offered by ETX’s main rivals.

ETX Capital Options Trading

ETX does not currently offer options trading.

ETX Capital Demo Account

ETX offers demo accounts for both Spread Betting and CFD and Forex trading.

You can easily apply for a demo account online, and once open use it on both the desktop or mobile trading platforms, though not simultaneously.

Both the desktop and the mobile apps are intuitive to use, and using the demo account is the perfect way to explore exactly what the platforms can do.

You could easily spend thirty minutes just exploring the charts, indicators and drawing tools for example.

Demo accounts are funded with a notional balance of US $10,000 which means you can run multiple positions, and place pending orders, without running out of margin. There are no obvious limitations that are specific to the ETX demo account.

ETX Capital Education & Analysis

ETX offers a comprehensive range of educational materials that range from e-books and platform guide,s through to regular webinars and there is even a dedicated Trading Academy that’s run by former pro traders and analysts.

You will need to register in advance, for these webinars and courses, to be able to view them and participate. However, the e-books and how-to videos are available on demand.

In terms of research analysis, there are regular videos that cover topical market stories and events, which can be viewed at ETXs dedicated YouTube channel. And there are also daily written reports, that can be found on the analysis section of the ETX website. All of which is made available for free.

The analysis pieces are quite general in nature, some of the content is also out of date, however, ETX has recently added to their research team so that may improve.

ETX Capital Professional Account

If you are eligible you can apply for a professional account at ETX, however, you will need to meet two out of three tests to do so. You’ll need to have a portfolio of liquid investments of €500k or more, have relevant financial services industry experience and have conducted 10 trades of significant size, in each of the last four quarters.

If you meet those tests then you can trade without FCA/ESMA margin restrictions and receive a personalised service from ETX.

However, against that you won’t enjoy negative balance protection, meaning you can lose more than your stake or trading deposit and you may be subject to different language in any written communications with ETX, and you may be subject to different best execution criteria than retail clients are when you trade.

ETX Capital Alternatives

ETX competes directly with the likes of City Index and Spreadex in terms of size, but also with larger margin trading houses such as IG Group and CMC Markets, and to some extent with new entrants to spread betting such as Pepperstone.

ETX offers a more personalised service than the big boys, particularly for larger clients and for now, at least ETX Capital is focused almost entirely on margin trading. Though new owners Guru Capital may take the business into other areas going forward and they have already made an acquisition in that direction, in the shape of fintech Oval Money.

ETX Capital Versus CMC Markets

CMC Markets offer CFDs, Spread Betting and FX trading, so it competes with ETX on three fronts. CMC has a cleaner charging structure than ETX but it’s not necessarily cheaper than its smaller rival. One way to compare prices in running is to open demo accounts at both brokers and run their respective trading platforms side by side.

You can then directly compare the way that each broker prices an instrument under the same market conditions.

One thing that is immediately obvious when you do that is that CMC has a bigger range of instruments available to trade. Though it’s debatable if many retail traders take advantage of this. For example, most retail clients will likely trade rolling spot FX and never concern themselves with the forward contracts that CMC offers.

If the range of markets is looking like a deciding factor in your choice of broker, ask yourself what instruments are you likely to trade most frequently or regularly? That list will likely be a lot shorter than you think.

ETX is aimed at traders who are looking for a more personalised experience from their broker and as part of that, there is a focus on high net worths too.
CMC is aiming to attract customers of all levels of experience but at the same time, it’s building its products and technology to appeal to institutional customers, a side of the business that ETX doesn’t currently address.

ETX Capital Versus IG

These days IG is a far larger concern than ETX though they still compete directly in the key business areas of Spread Betting, CFDs and FX. However, IG would have to be considered number one globally in two of those businesses.

Once again the main areas of difference between the two firms in terms of charging and pricing comes in the tiered and multiplatform approach that ETX has.

Both houses amend their spreads on equity index CFDs depending on the time of day they are quoting prices. However, ETX also distinguishes between trading platforms, charging different spreads to different users.

ETX has a far smaller range of markets and products than their larger rivals but as we noted before the 5000 markets that ETX does offer to traders will be more more than sufficient for most users needs.

However, if you do have specific requirements, such as trading options, UK smaller companies or ISA investing, then you will need to look elsewhere than ETX Capital. And IG Group might be one of the brokers that you consider.

IG is a broad church aimed at traders of all experience and abilities, ETX, however, is largely aimed at traders with some experience of the market who are looking for more of a personal service, though by the same token they don’t turn newbies and novices away.

ETX Capital Customer Reviews

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ETX Capital
Average rating:  
 34 reviews
 by Craig

Highly recommended. Premier class experience.

Online Platform 5/5
Customer Service 5/5
Fees & Pricing 4/5

 by Steve Jones

The platform is fast and easy to use. The facilities within the platform are what I would expect from a named trading site.

Online Platform 5/5
Customer Service 5/5
Fees & Pricing 5/5

 by Thomas Russell

Great Service and good spreads

Online Platform 5/5
Customer Service 5/5
Fees & Pricing 5/5

 by I C Chan

Trading Platform 5/5
Customer Service 5/5
Mobile Apps 5/5
Spreads & Pricing 5/5
Market Range 5/5
Trade Execution Speed 5/5
Added Value 5/5


I am quite happy with this broker

(Trading forex and indices with ETX Capital for between 1 and 2 years on an intra-daily basis)

 by Yvonne Boatin-Buckman

Trading Platform 5/5
Customer Service 5/5
Mobile Apps 5/5
Spreads & Pricing 5/5
Market Range 5/5
Trade Execution Speed 5/5
Added Value 5/5

The platform is brilliant, even for beginners, it is easy to understand and manage. The research is very helpful and the results are correct most of the time. The trading signals and analysis are very good, they are clear once the trader understands them with the help of their educational Webinars,
they encourage the trader to learn and gain confidence and it is free!

I spent a lot of money trying to learn to trade with other brokers and did not learn half as much as I have learned with ETX Capital within the last 8 months.

(Trading forex with ETX Capital for under a year on a daily basis)

 by Ramila Patel

Trading Platform 5/5
Customer Service 5/5
Mobile Apps 5/5
Spreads & Pricing 3/5: Sometimes spreads are too wide
Market Range 5/5
Trade Execution Speed 5/5
Added Value 5/5

Great platform and excellent customer services

(Trading forex and indices with ETX Capital for between 1 and 2 years on a daily basis)

 by Chris morley

Trading Platform 5/5
Customer Service 5/5
Mobile Apps 5/5
Spreads & Pricing 5/5
Market Range 5/5
Trade Execution Speed 5/5
Added Value 5/5

After getting scammed by lots of so called brokers ,ETX has given me training,no pushing for more money ,can get my money back out easy .
For somebody starting or been trading for a while I recommend ETX .as they try to help the investor ,

(Trading forex, commodities and indices with ETX Capital for between 1 and 2 years on a daily basis)

 by Alan Baines

Trading Platform 5/5
Customer Service 5/5
Mobile Apps 5/5
Spreads & Pricing 4/5: Spreads are excellent but you asked me the question. So I will say they could be lowered.😁
Market Range 5/5
Trade Execution Speed 5/5
Added Value 5/5

I use the MT4 platform and can honestly say that ETX have been my go-to spread bet company since opening my account. Although I only trade small positions quite infrequently it is important to know that the same level of service and reliability is available to each customer.

(Trading forex and indices with ETX Capital for between 1 and 2 years on a weekly basis)

 by brian

Trading Platform 5/5
Customer Service 5/5
Mobile Apps 5/5
Spreads & Pricing 5/5
Market Range 4/5: could we have options prices

Trade Execution Speed 5/5
Added Value 5/5

I have had a good relationship with this broker and would recommend them to anyone who wants to open an account.

(Trading forex and indices with ETX Capital for between under a year on weekly basis)

 by jason shelley

Trading Platform 4/5: I use MT4 which is an off the shelf product – it’s main limitation is not being able to separate the charts onto different screens (they can only be opened on one screen).
Customer Service 5/5
Mobile Apps 4/5: sometimes i lose my currency pairs i have saved onto my phone app and i need to re-input them.
Spreads & Pricing 3/5: when prices are volatile around announcements the spreads blow out making it impossible to trade in the immediate aftermath post-announcement.
Market Range 5/5
Trade Execution Speed 5/5
Added Value 4/5: see above

when I first enlisted ETX the support staff were very friendly and helped me navigate the systems – if I had a problem they answered it very timely. My main issues are the MT4 platform and not being able to separate the charts, and the spreads blowing out (apart from EURUSD) immediately post-announcement.

(Trading forex and indices with ETX Capital for between under a year on an intra-day basis)

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ETX Capital Frequently Asked Questions:

Is ETX Capital safe?

ETX is a well-established business, it’s UK based and FCA regulated, as such client money that the firm handles must be segregated and held in a dedicated client money account at a UK clearing bank. Client funds are further protected via the UK Financial Services Compensation Scheme which insures against failure or fraud to the tune of £85,000 per individual.

How does ETX Capital make money?

ETX makes money through the spreads and commissions it charges its clients. The more active the client base is then the more commission and spread ETX stands to earn. ETX also makes money from its overnight funding charges and through the hedging of its principal risk book.

Who owns ETX?

ETX was acquired in 2020 by Swiss-based Guru Capital and it’s now part of a larger privately held company.

Can you sell short stocks on City Index?

Yes, you can sell short through ETX using CFDs or Spread Bets over individual stocks, ETFs or equity indices.

Does ETX Capital allow scalping?

No ETX does not allow or encourage scalping

How long does it take to withdraw money on ETX Capital?

The length of time it takes to withdraw money from ETX will depend on the method of withdrawal. Requests for withdrawals can be made from the trading platform and will be processed as soon, as possible as long as there are sufficient free funds on your account.

ETX Capital Facts & Figures

etx capital review
More Info
72.5% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading spread bets and CFDs with this provider.
ETX Capital Reviews
ETX Capital Total Markets
Forex Pairs60
UK Stocks350
US Stocks250
ETX Capital Key Info
Number Active Clients55,000
Minimum Deposit100
Inactivity Fee25 pe rmonth
Public Companyno
ETX Capital Account Types
CFD Trading✔️
Forex Trading✔️
Spread Betting✔️
DMA (Direct Market Access)✔️
Futures Trading
Options Trading
Investing Account✔️
ETX Capital Average Fees
FTSE 1001
DAX 301.5
S&P 5000.7
Crude Oil0.4
UK Stocks0.10%
US Stocks$0.02 per share
Table last updated: 24th November 2021 3:15 pm


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