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In this conversation, I interview Simon Peters, a crypto analyst at eToro, about the Bitcoin ETF and its impact on the cryptocurrency market. For more information read our full eToro review.

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We discuss the role of institutional investors, the opportunity for retail investors, the lacklustre price action of the Bitcoin ETF, inflows and supply squeeze, and regulatory approval for the ETF. As well as the best practices for crypto investing, and user-based questions about Bitcoin and traditional currencies, Bitcoin payments, and Bitcoin security.

This conversation covers various aspects of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, including self-custody and security, the environmental impact of Bitcoin mining, getting started with Bitcoin, the volatility of Bitcoin price.

We also highlight the different global regulatory attitudes towards cryptocurrency, the potential impact of Bitcoin on the financial system, the use of blockchain technology in healthcare and governance, barriers to entry for Bitcoin adoption, and ethical considerations of Bitcoin.


  • The Bitcoin ETF has the potential to open the doors for institutional investment in Bitcoin, as it provides a regulated instrument for exposure to the cryptocurrency.
  • The Bitcoin ETF also presents an opportunity for retail investors to get involved in cryptocurrency, as it offers a more accessible and regulated investment option.
  • The lackluster price action of the Bitcoin ETF upon its launch can be attributed to factors such as the conversion of investment trusts to ETFs and the unwinding of positions.
  • There is a significant inflow of funds into the Bitcoin ETFs, which is outpacing the new issuance of Bitcoin and contributing to a supply squeeze. When self-custodying cryptocurrency, it is important to consider security measures such as keeping devices with crypto wallets in secure locations and being cautious of potential theft.
  • The environmental impact of Bitcoin mining has decreased in recent years due to a shift towards renewable energy sources by mining operations.
  • Before getting started with Bitcoin, it is recommended to read the Bitcoin white paper, choose a reputable company or exchange to buy Bitcoin from, and decide on a self-custody or third-party custodian solution.
  • Bitcoin is known for its volatility, which is influenced by factors such as supply and demand, institutional inflows, and macroeconomic conditions.
  • Global regulatory attitudes towards cryptocurrency vary, with some countries embracing it as legal tender while others are implementing regulations around stablecoins and crypto staking.
  • Bitcoin has the potential to impact the financial system by offering alternative currencies, tokenizing assets, and improving processes such as property transactions.
  • Blockchain technology can have applications in healthcare, particularly in securing and decentralizing medical records.
  • The main barrier to entry for Bitcoin adoption is the lack of understanding and knowledge about the technology, which can be overcome through research and education.
  • Bitcoin should not be solely associated with illegal activities, as its public ledger can actually aid in tracking and identifying bad actors.

Talking Points

00:00 Introduction and Background
02:05 Bitcoin ETF and Institutional Investment
05:00 Opportunity for Retail Investors
08:01 Lackluster Price Action of Bitcoin ETF
10:08 Inflows and Supply Squeeze
12:20 Regulatory Approval for Bitcoin ETF
14:10 Best Practices for Crypto Investing
20:53 User-Based Questions: Bitcoin Payments
22:08 User-Based Questions: Bitcoin Security
24:52 Self-Custody and Security
25:32 Environmental Impact of Bitcoin Mining
27:38 Getting Started with Bitcoin
29:01 Volatility in Bitcoin Price
33:06 Global Regulatory Attitudes Towards Cryptocurrency
35:12 Bitcoin as a Currency and its Impact on the Financial System
39:56 Blockchain Technology in Healthcare and Governance
41:34 Barriers to Entry for Bitcoin Adoption
42:21 Ethical Considerations of Bitcoin


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