The Good Money Guide provides an independed comparison table of credit card features and rates in the UK. Use the searchable databse of credit card costs to search for a credit card that is suitable for you. You can view the review pages of each card for more information of rad our guides to specific types of credit cards or compare all credit cards in the UK.

Balance Transfer Credit Cards
Astute credit card holders know they can shop around for a new card and transfer the balance from their old one, benefiting from a lower interest rate or even an interest-free period. Balance transfers are also a great way to consolidate debt from several cards to one.
Purchase Credit Cards

If you use your credit card simply for purchases and are not concerned about balance transfers and other perks, you need to look at any interest-free purchase promotional period, followed by an ongoing generous low APR.

Cash Back Credit Cards
You’ll be familiar with the cashback concept, where you earn rewards in the form of money or credit on your account when you spend. You must shop around as the “earn rate” varies, while some cards affiliated to a brand reward more for spending with that brand.
Rewards Credit Cards
Reward credit cards are an easy way to earn hundreds of pounds in bonuses, just for your normal spending. But while some offers look valuable, you might be paying through the nose in interest fees. Also, consider whether the rewards offered are worthwhile to you.
Credit Building Credit Cards
If you need to build your credit rating, a credit card is a powerful weapon. The best options will boost your rating while exposing you to the minimum risk in terms of credit limits. However, the flip side is these cards attract a higher representative APR.
Air Miles Credit Cards
Bag yourself free travel simply by spending on your credit card. But select your card carefully as only some offer air miles, and some are more generous than others.
Money Transfer Credit Cards

Using a credit card to pay off your expensive bank overdraft (or another loan) makes total sense when you can do so interest-free. Therefore, look for a card that has the longest 0% money transfer period and pay off as much as you can from the card quickly.

Travel Credit Cards
Don’t get hit by high fees when using your credit card abroad. Look for a credit card that offers no fees on foreign transactions and preferably some rewards as well.
Bad Credit Credit Cards
When you have a poor credit score, perhaps because of bankruptcy or some form of previous default, you can begin to rebuild your score using these cards.