What is Investors Intelligence?

Investors Intelligence has been around since 1947 and has a methodical approach to looking at the market.  They are at heart a research, data and signal provider with an institutional-grade client base.  The added value services are aimed at sophisticated traders and not for beginners or inexperienced traders.

What do you get with Investors Intelligence?

Investors Intelligence is owned by Stockcube Research.  What Stockcube Research do is advise hedge funds with over $100m in assets under management on market timing and portfolio trend analysis. That analysis, data and sentiment research is then re-packaged under the Investors Intelligence brand to cater for semi-professional and professional traders.

All asset classes are covered and to get access you either need to be a trader at a hedge fund with a corporate solution, pay for access via a corporate subscription or open a trading account.

You obviously don’t get the full service if you are classified as a private client, but you do get long/short model portfolio, daily analysis on each asset class and some proprietary trading signals such as the Advisor Sentiment indicator.

So who is it for and why should you use it?

It’s not for everyone, that is very clear.  only sophisticated traders who at some time have worked as a professional trader will find it useful as it is quite data-driven and complex. However, you just have to look at some of the testimonials dotted about the internet, do a quick Google search or look at the client list to see that it is clearly of use to some of the biggest traders and hedge funds in the world.

You can take a free trial of the service here.