Where exactly can you learn to trade?

A while ago, we wrote on our site dedicated to spread betting brokers, about the pitfalls of enrolling on a trading course to learn spread betting.

This was way back in 2014, before the cesspool of social media turned Instagram into a Forex scammers paradise.

But, what if you actually want to learn how to trade CFDs or get started in spread betting?

  • First, things first. Don’t get taken in by glamour life styles on social media
  • Secondly, be very careful about what sort of trading course you attend.

Free seminars run by independent trading education companies are very rarely free. Normally, the free seminar gets you into a room where you’ll spend an hour being up sold a premium trading course.  We’re not in the habit of criticising individual companies but if you google “trading courses” for example then look at the TrustPilot reviews… Well, you’ll get the idea…

If you want to learn to trade you can of course read our ultimate guide to spread betting – it’s a little long, but covers most things to help you get started. Or you can read the excellent free technical analysis education material on Investors Intelligence.

But what about decent trading seminars?

Here’s a three decent of options.

  1. The Chart Seminar – hosted by Eoin Treacy from Fuller Treacy Money.  This two day seminar, usually hosted in London has been running for decades.  It’s around £1,500 for private clients, but most delegates are hedge fund managers, tier 1 institutional traders and sophisticated investors.
  2. Go to a seminar held by your broker. Obviously the point of these seminars is to get you trading. But since there is so much consolidation and competition in the brokerage industry, brokers want to form long term relationships with their clients. And an obvious way to do this is to help their clients be better traders. ETX Capital for example, have quite a lot of education material on their website, but also run free seminars for clients depositing over £1,000. The seminars are held in their offices and run by industry experts like John Sheridan and Simon Clarke. You can sign up here.
  3. Go with an STA approved provider like Futurestechs. They focus on adding a human element to charting.

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