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Valbury Capital has announced that it will be exiting the UK market.

Valbury Capital said in a notice on its website that existing clients have already been informed and that it would work to close open positions and return funds and assets to clients as quickly as possible.

Futures broker Valbury Capital in the UK has been headed by Mark Hanney, to offer institutional trading services to professional clients in the UK. The firm offered DMA Contracts for Difference (CFDs), futures trading and options dealing.

For information on Valbury Capital’s regulatory status you can see their entry in the FCA register here.

Following a strategic review, VCL wishes to exit the UK market. This has been a difficult decision to take after a significant period of time operating in the UK and developing the close client relationships which have contributed to the company’s successes. Our priority now is to ensure an orderly closure of business in a way which creates as little disruption as possible to our clients.

In view of this VCL will cease to take or place any new business and will work towards closing any outstanding client positions with existing clients and for the expedient return or transfer of all client monies and other assets.

We have communicated directly with our existing clients regarding this matter. If you are an existing client and have not received a direct communication, please contact

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