ayondo increases client protection to £1m GBP, but still offering 25% bonuses

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ayondo, one of the leading social trading brokers in the UK has increased it’s client funds insurance from £500k to £1m.

The current police as shown on their website runs from 14th June 2017 to 14th June 2018 and is provided by QBE Underwriting Limited and participating syndicates at Lloyd’s of London.

This basically means that if you account is above the £50k threshold protected by the FSCS you stand a good chance of getting your money back through this insurance policy if ayondo goes bust.

ayondo, a relatively new spread betting and CFD brokers is one of the few to offer social trading. This allows clients to follow other traders trades as a form of investing with set risk parameters.

However calling it investing may be a bit of a stretch because if you automatically copy an amateur and unregulated (essentially) fund manager it’s far more risky than investing in a properly regulated fund through a stock broker like Hargreaves Lansdown.

ayondo, are also sticking to their guns and still offering client deposit bonuses up to 25% despite the FCA’s warning that they now frown upon them and will likely ban them at some point in the future.

Ayondo, is HQ’d in Germany so perhaps aren’t as worried about it as much as the UK based brokers who has all completely shied away from it. There is also talk of them swerving the UK markets and listing in Singapore instead.

PLUS 500 who are HQ’d in Israel (despite having a UK listing on the LSE) are still offering their £20 no deposit bonus.


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