Does IG provide NASDAQ trading?

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Does IG provide NASDAQ trading?

Yes, IG Group certainly does offer Nasdaq trading.

IG offers CFDs and Spread Bets on the Nasdaq 100 index (sometimes known as the US 100 index) that tracks the performance of the top 100 US listed technology shares and prices in US 100 tech index are quoted by IG 24 hours a day.

IG also offers trading on a wide range of individual shares that are listed on Nasdaq, as well as ETFs or Exchange Traded Funds, such as QQQ, that track the technology sector and trading in baskets of shares like the so-called FANG stocks, for example.

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However, if you want to trade NASDAQ on exchange with direct market access you will need a futures broker that offers DMA. You can also get exposure to the NASDAQ with an options broker.

You can read about other brokers that offer trading in US equity indices, including the Nasdaq100, by reading our guide to NASDAQ trading.

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