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Mar 15, 2021
by RH on Crowdcube

Great company which allowed me to invest into many great opportunities. Very happy.

Jun 20, 2019
by Mike on Crowdcube

Avoid!! No alignment of interest between platform and Crowdinvestors. Investors get charged upfront!! Other platforms like Seedrs charge on success and Profit.

Response from Crowdcube: While we would have loved to continue providing a free platform to invest, a small investment fee was introduced at the end of last year to cover some of our costs associated with providing access to investment opportunities on Crowdcube. Following extensive user testing among our investors and a review of the market, we decided that 1.5% which is capped at a maximum of £250, is a more investor friendly approach. We do not charge a carry like some other platforms such as Seedrs which charges investors a fee of 7.5% on any profit made (i.e. in excess of the capital invested).

May 2, 2019
by Kate on Crowdcube

Great company. Friendly and approachable. Good experience with their Due Diligence and legal processes.

May 1, 2019
by Felipe on Crowdcube

Very good Platform. Good Service. I feel my Investments in good hands. Yes, we can participate on the growth of businesses troughout Crowdcube

May 1, 2019
by Sara Palmer on Crowdcube

The site has the most deals, most active forums and best customer service - one on one support from registration to funding.

May 1, 2019
by Engrid Malone on Crowdcube

I have been using Crowdcube for a while now and I am impressed with the ease of use. They also have a great variety of companies that are funding on their platform. I have been recommending them to family and friends as they cater to everyone with funding as low as £10. It’s great that persons who don’t have a great amount of money to invest can still do so with Crowdcube.

May 1, 2019
by Alex on Crowdcube

Sorry but too many failures and not enough responsibility by Crowdcube over doing proper due diligence to make any recommendation possible. Fee structure is poor, with upfront charges made reflecting their desire to purely put as many pitches forward and through as possible without care for their customers. Too many cases like Emoov which raised funds and then failed shortly after reflect this and show you cannot trust them as a platform.

Apr 30, 2019
by jose on Crowdcube

crowdfunding for excellence

Apr 30, 2019
by Chloe on Crowdcube

User-friendly, I can rely on the due diligence they do, quality businesses and transparent.

Apr 30, 2019
by Beth on Crowdcube

A great chance to invest in some awesome startups - I particularly love the cleantech businesses trying to help solve some of the major problems we have in the world today.

Apr 30, 2019
by Radu Acsinia on Crowdcube

Really good platform with nice feature such as perks and strong selection of start-ups to invest in.

Apr 30, 2019
by Daniel Element on Crowdcube

Great crowdfunding platform , easy to use app

Apr 30, 2019
by Harry on Crowdcube

Great app and website, as far as I am aware the only crowdfunding site to have an app. Self-crowdfunded through their own platform, demonstrating their commitment to the crowd. Introduced an extra investor fee recently but I think this is well justified and a sensible business decision (good revenue and little real effect on the investor).

Apr 30, 2019
by James Kirby on Crowdcube

Crowdcube offers excellent access to some great companies. My only complaints are the lack of support or information post-funding. That is however really nitpicking.

Apr 29, 2019
by Kai on Crowdcube

Poor customer service, could be better.

Apr 29, 2019
by nick on Crowdcube

CrowdCube offers the best companies that are raising P2P equity.

Online Platform 5/5
Customer Service 5/5
Fees & Pricing 5/5