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Tarquin's academic background involved a bachelor's degree in Ecology from Lancaster University in the U.K. That subject, coupled to a fascination with financial market pricing, fostered a unique and innovative approach to analyzing the market ecosystem, an entity he considers to be just a technological manifestation of nature. To harness ideas, he studied further, a Graduate Degree in Software Engineering at Kingston University, London, where he achieved a Distinction. He then achieved another distinction, in the U.K.'s Society of Technical Analysts Diploma, studied at the London School of Economics. Tarquin also runs Chartscholar.com a trading opportunity service for institutional and professional traders.

A quick example of a bearish divergence trade…

A divergence where an indicator has failed to confirm a new price high and is starting to roll-over, implying a tired uptrend. Indicators where negative divergences are most effective include the 14-day RSI, MACD, on-balance-volume, relative ratio, as well as breadth studies. Apple (AAPL) has struggled the past two weeks, underperforming the broader market. The chart exhibits a bearish momentum divergence. By that we mean the …

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Death Cross Lloyds Example

What is a “Death Cross”? A worked example looking at Lloyds (ADR)

A death cross is a shorter term moving average, typically the 50-day, cuts down through the slower average, traditionally the 200-day. False signals are common, therefore other technicals should be consulted. British banking group Lloyds (LYG) generated a Death Cross last week with the 50-day exponential moving average slipping under the 200-day. The previous signal of the same type …

What is a “Death Cross”? A worked example looking at Lloyds (ADR) Read More »

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