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Market makers in the UK have started offering prices on the speed, impact and distance of Chris Rock’s retaliation slap to Will Smith.

Following Will Smith’s headline-grabbing slap of Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars, Rock will be returning the slap in an organised meet at one of his stand-up comedy shows.

Slap speed prices are being quoted with a spread of 30-35 miles per hour. Impact prices are quoted based on Newton Meters at 700-750 N, whilst distance will be priced in degrees. Distance is expected to be the most active market currently quoted at 300-320 degrees, suggesting the market is pricing in a large backswing and follow-through from Rock.

Alapam Saxum, head market maker at Faber Anscharius Capital said:

If traders want to trade it, we will make a price in it and this is what people want to speculate on at the moment. Opinion is what makes a market and there is certainly a lot of mixed opinions around slapgate at the moment.

The inclusion of the “slapgate market” on trading platforms around the world, follows similar interest in speciality markets such as toilet roll futures launched during the pandemic and Cyclewattcoin, the cryptocurrency which can be mined whilst training indoors on an exersise bike.

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