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IG, widely regarded as the best MT4 broker and certainly the largest in the UK has released details of a new package for MT4 customers.

IG sent a circular to clients stating:

Our MetaTrader 4 package now features lower spreads, better technology and more choice than ever before. That means you can trade EUR/USD from just 0.6pts, and access new markets like oil, the China 300 and 24-hour indices.

MT4 is one of the most versatile trading platforms and is used by index and Forex brokers around the world. MT4 brokers can complete between each other on price, market access and AE (Automatic execution).  MT4 allows trades to set auto trade strategies in place so they can trade even when their PC is turned off.

The new package from MT4 broker IG includes:

  • 18 free bespoke apps for every client, to make your MT4 even more customisable
    A free VPS, so your EA can trade automatically even when your PC is off1
    Spreads from 0.6pts on EUR/USD, meaning your strategies execute for less
    Native technology, enabling the ultra-fast execution of your trades
    24-hour support, to help you make the most out of MT4

To try MT4 with IG you can open a demo or live account here.

Trade forex, indices and commodities

FX pair MT4 spread
Min. Av.1
EURUSD 0.6 1.10
AUDUSD 0.6 1.14
USDJPY 0.7 1.22
EURGBP 0.9 1.46
GBPUSD 0.9 1.64
GBPJPY 2.5 3.23


Full details on over 50 FX pairs available with MT4

Index Min. MT4 spread
FTSE 100 1.0
Wall Street 1.8
Germany 30 1.0
Australia 200 1.0
US Tech 100 1.0
US 500 0.4


Full details on 14 indices available with MT4

Commodity Typical MT4 spread
Gold 0.4
Silver 3


Full MT4 commodities details

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