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I need a reliable broker that offers the volatility index on MT4?

If I may I am going to break the answer to your inquiry down into two parts:

Finding a reliable broker is very important and helping traders to do that is one of the main reasons that the Good Money Guide exists. The site contains huge amounts of information about individual brokers and reviews of their services.

Here’s the best place to compare CFD brokers that can offer volatility trading on MT4 for your needs.

Of course, if you are a UK taxpayer you may also wish to consider Spread Betting and we have a section on the site that’s designed to help you choose the best provider here as well.

Brokers like IG, CMC Markets & ETX Capital all offer spread betting as well as CFDs on the volatility markets.

As to trading volatility indices that’s certainly possible though not necessarily on MT4 which is relatively limited in terms of the range of products that can be traded through it. Its big brother, MT5, offers more flexibility and a wider range of products, so you may have success here.

In terms of trading specific volatility indices, I assume you are talking mainly about the VIX index which tracks the volatility (the level of investor greed and fear) within the constituents of the S&P 500 index. Once again, we have a guide dedicated to the best CFD brokers for trading volatility.

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