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Western Union money transfer users will now be able to quickly and efficiently send money to friends and family in India via Google Pay’s App.

Sending money via online money transfers back home to India from the USA just became a whole lot easier thanks to an important partnership between Google Pay and Western Union. The agreement is part of a program which will enable people to quickly send money back home to more than 200 countries worldwide.

The agreement links Western Union’s cross border payments platform with Google Pay to allow users to move money through a simple mobile app. According to Google, it will make it much easier for its own customers to send money back home, by linking it to an app they already regularly use.

Thanks to this agreement, Google Pay users can quickly send money by searching for a user in India, clicking pay and selecting Western Union as their partner of choice. It links the world’s biggest sender of remittances – the US – with the world’s biggest receiver, India. This is the first phase in an ongoing project which could see US based Google Pay users sending money to more than 200 different countries by the end of the year.

Cross border remittances have become increasingly important during the pandemic as overseas workers seek to support friends and family back home. These economic first responders, as they have been termed, have turned out to be crucial in softening the economic blow felt by many hard-hit countries around the world.

However, the pandemic accelerated demand for convenient digital solutions which could make it easy to make transfers, with just a few clicks via an app. This agreement allows them to do exactly that and represents another step forward for Western Union in the digital space. During the pandemic, they have invested heavily in digital technologies, forging partnerships with high tech leaders in the space to offer innovative services to their customers.

This collaboration could be a sign of things to come as digital and online technology become increasingly important to the cross-border payments sector.

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