Moneyfarm hits £2.0 billion in assets under management

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Robo-advisor, Moneyfarm the Anglo Italian online wealth manager and investment firm, that matches clients with preselected portfolios, has passed an important milestone with £2bn in assets under management.

How much Assets Under Management does Moneyfarm have?

Moneyfarm has reached £2.0 billion of assets under management or AUM, the firm which was founded in Milan back in April 2012, has effectively doubled its AUM figure in 18 months having crossed the £1.0 billion benchmark in May 2020.

MoneyFarm has grown strongly in recent years and has attracted funding from Venture Capital investors such as Cabot Square and United Ventures, and even German insurance giant Allianz.

In the last three years its picked a number of consumer investing awards and struck up a partnership with Poste Italiane, the Italian postal service, to provide its customers with a dedicated online investment product.

How has Moneyfarm reached £2.0 billion in AUM?

Money farm has hit £2.0 billion in AUM by growing in two ways.

Firstly the company has boosted the number of clients it manages money for; the active client number stood at 50,000 in August 2020, but that figure has now grown to 67,000 individuals.

Growth in client numbers, during 2021, has increased by 101% on a comparative basis and clients are adding to, or topping their investments at faster rate.

Moneyfarm calculates that they have seen a 99% increase in the value of these additional savings.

Assets under management at the firm have also grown organically thanks to 20 months of positive market performance.

Speaking about the milestone, Giovanni Daprà, Moneyfarm’s Co-Founder and CEO said that:

“To have reached this milestone in such a short amount of time is a great achievement and shows how Moneyfarm is delivering precisely the investment services that clients need. Importantly, it is also a testament to the dedication that every single member of the Moneyfarm team offers on a daily basis”

How does Moneyfarm invest money for clients ?

Moneyfarm asks customers to create an investor profile by answering a series of questions about themselves, their investing goals, and attitudes to risk etc.

Once the profile is compiled the company uses its in-house technology to match the investors, with a portfolio, that best meets their goals and circumstances.

If the investors are happy with the portfolio construction they fund their account and Moneyfarm manages the portfolio accordingly.

Moneyfarm is an active manager, rather than a passive one, and its investment committee makes strategic adjustments and regularly rebalances portfolios to take account of changing market conditions and performance.

Moneyfarm offers UK clients access to stocks and shares ISAs, pensions and a general investment account.

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