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Interactive Brokers founded in 1977 as one of the pioneers of online trading, is now available on TradingView having become a partner of the charting and market information service that’s used by more than 30 million traders around the globe each month, and which by some measures is the world’s most used financial website.

Interactive Brokers’ CFD trading clients will now be able to deal through the broker from their TradingView screens by simply connecting to the broker, via the dedicated trading panel, on the TradingView system.

TradingView offers brokers a range of services that covers charting and price display and analytics, through to market access and the ability to advertise to its user base.

Interactive Brokers has clients in 200 countries and offers trading in stocks, options, futures, currencies, bonds, gold, cryptocurrency, ETFs and mutual funds.

Interactive Brokers executes over 2.0 million trades per day on behalf of their customers.

Initially, clients will be able to trade futures and stocks via the TradingView link, however, other asset classes will be introduced shortly thereafter.

TradingView has become very popular with traders by offering them the chance to customise their experience, by writing scripts for indicators and alerts in its dedicated Pine programming language. Those scripts can then be shared with the wider TradingView community, and to date, more than 8.0 million scripts have been coded.

The platform offers free and paid plans that give access to a wide variety of chart types and screeners, and it has extensive coverage of equities, stock indices, and other futures and CFDs, alongside FX and cryptocurrencies. TradingView has recently introduced fundamental analysis and features such as heat maps and video news.

The new partnership looks like a win-win for all parties, and particularly for Interactive Brokers’ clients who will now be able to trade directly from their TradingView workspaces and charts.

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