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CMC Markets starts the New Year with the launch of a series of high-profile Artful Trader podcasts

A while ago we were a little rude about CMC’s Alexa app. Not their fault, it’s voice recognition devices in general. There are just some things they are not appropriate for. But nevermind, they seem to be back on track focussing on podcasts.

CMC Markets has launched a Twenty-twenty is barely underway but FX and CFD brokers are already vying for our attention. However, in an increasingly competitive marketplace, they are having to be much more innovative to get it.

One of the UK’s larger margin trading providers is doing just this. CMC Markets has come straight out of the traps with the launch of a series of high-profile podcasts, under the banner of the Artful Trader.

Building on previous success – this is the third Artful Trader podcast series from CMC Markets

This will be the third iteration in the series of podcasts that are aimed at a global audience, but which were originally developed for the Australian market. Where they achieved some pretty impressive results, reaching audiences of almost 70,000 listeners and ranking in the top 10 business podcasts down under.

Each podcast takes the form of a one on one conversation with a high-profile guest, a leading light in a specific field, and explores issues such as how the correct thinking and approach has helped that person achieve success in their career. More specifically how they acquired confidence, discipline and an open mindset. Three facets, that are considered essential to successful trading.

The podcasts will also confront how the spread betting brokers’ guests have dealt with failure and setbacks and what they have learnt from those experiences.

CFD brokers looking for cost-effective marketing as client acquisition costs continue to increase

Podcasts are becoming an increasingly popular way in which to interact with niche audiences, such as traders from forex brokers. They are relatively cheap to produce and distribute and the audience can listen in, at a time that suits them, perhaps on a commute, a walk, a bike ride or whenever they find 10 minutes to themselves.

The guest lineup for the Artful Traders third series includes the inspiration behind the TV series billions and the former US Open Tennis champion, and world number one, Pat Rafter. As well as luminaries from academia, business and the markets. The podcasts themselves can be found on the Spotify, Android and Apple platforms.

Guests appearing in the third series of The Artful Trader include:

  • David Floyd – Founder of acclaimed FX research and education firm Aspen Trading Group
  • Denise Shull – Neuroeconomics coach, author and inspiration behind the TV show ‘Billions’
  • Harry Crane – Professor of statistics in profitability and logic at Rutgers University
  • Pat Rafter – Former US Open champion and world no.1 tennis player

More to listen to for CFD trading ideas

These are not the only podcasts that CMC Markets are sharing with their clients in 2020.

The company’s market intelligence platform, Opto, highlighted four market-orientated podcasts, aimed at traders, in their first email of the New Year. They covered topics ranging from investing in gold to the mathematics and logic involved in algorithmic trading.

An open mindset is key for financial information

At the Good Money Guide, we are great believers in reading widely and learning from experts in their field. A willingness to challenge your existing beliefs and assumptions, by seeking out contrary opinions, is the mark of a good and thoughtful trader. Podcasts seem to be an ideal vehicle for broadening our horizons, in a convenient and easy to consume format, and if the quality of the content can be maintained then we are all for them.

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