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CMC Invest, the recently launched investing and savings platform owned by CMC Markets, has added the ability to set your ESG preferences, analyst recommendations, alongside expert opinions on individual stocks, more fundamental data and analysis, as well as increased in the number of assets that can be accessed via their investment app.

ESG preferences

CMC Invest has introduced the ability for users to set out their ESG preferences in its App allowing clients to filter out the sectors, industries and products that they don’t wish to invest in. The list of non-ESG items includes alcohol, gambling, pesticides nuclear power, fracking, weapons and military contractors to name a few.

Once an investor has set out their preferences they will be warned by the App if a stock or fund they are interested in conflicts with their ESG goals.

The number of assets that CMC Invest customers can now access and research has grown to more than 3500.

Bulls versus bears

Investors who upgrade to the CMC Invest Plus plan will be able to access detailed company information and a range of valuation and fundamental, indicators on stocks within the App.

CMC Invest Plus now also offers stock outlooks, powered by specialist financial research providers Morningstar, the service will offer a bullish and bearish perspective on a stock.

Morningstar’s views will be augmented by analysts’ ratings of buy, sell or hold, alongside the current price and the range of analysts’ forecasts for a given stock.

Allowing the end user to weigh the evidence and make up their own mind about the merits of an investment.

The analyst’s ratings will also be available to users of the standard CMC Invest service.

Fundamental data

users will also be able to access detailed information to help with investing due diligence including valuation ratios, market cap, growth ratios, cash flow, and measures of income.

CMC Invest continues to add features and products to its App and as it does so it becomes an increasingly attractive proposition. Not least because it charges zero commission on UK investments and just 0.5% in FX fees for those in foreign stocks.

The low level of charges may be a loss leader to generate market share, in a highly competitive sector. But for now, at least, the market seems to like what it sees, with the shares of parent Company CMC Markets (Ticker: CMCX), up by more than +8.0% over the last month.

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