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If you’re looking for a book to help you make more money investing, manage your money better or need help launching a business we have summarised the recommended books and resources from our CEO interviews.

From billionaires to start-up founders, when we talk to CEOs we always try and ask “What books, websites or resources would you recommend that can help people make more of their money?”.

Here is what they have recommended…

James Roberts, Founder of Partners Wealth Management

In terms of money, I often find there’s no one book that really does it because books go out of date, and it’s almost something you can’t teach yourself from a book.

Anna Sofat, Addidi founder

It’s been around a few decades but it makes you very aware of some of the unconscious habits of how you spend money or how you think about money.

Chris Smith, Managing Partner of Playfair Capital

The UKBAA is a fantastic champion of the angel community in the UK and very supportive to founders

Sarah Webb, OFX UK

There’s a good blog there to keep tabs on market movements and events. Equally, Bloomberg would be a resource that I would go to.

June Felix, IG CEO

I’ve been really impressed with what Real Vision’s doing. Real Vision is kind of the Netflix for traders. And obviously, Bloomberg and we should say Good Money Guide too, absolutely. No, seriously.

Justin Urquhart Stewart, Co-Founder of 7IM

That’s a simple way of learning more about financial news and some of the stupidity of it.

For simple, straightforward stuff, then somewhere like the Motley Fool always used to be very good… slightly gone off now. They haven’t got the profile they had before, but they’ve made it fun and they didn’t try and patronise you.

Tom McGillycuddy, CEO of tickr

Investment tips from one of the greatest investors ever

Nick Bortot, CEO and Founder of BUX

I mean you can read a lot of books where at the end, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. It really helps to train.

Raoul Pal, Real Vision CEO

One piece of advice that I follow, and it’s not for everybody, is that I read as little of other people’s stuff as possible The reason being, that you end up having other people’s opinions and not your own.

Conrad Ford, Funding Options CEO

Venture capital blogs, and there are some excellent ones out there.

Tim Hughes is UK CEO of TigerWit

It’s an online learning platform that allows you to select and complete courses at your own pace, depending on your interest, ranging from investment strategy, risk management, forex trading, and even basic financial literacy courses.

Peter Hargreaves, Founder of Hargreaves Lansdown & Chairman of Blue Whale Capital

I’ve always had this saying in business: Optimists fail, pessimists prevail.

Sam Smith, CEO of finnCap

The British Business Banks new website is really good for looking at funding options

Daniel Abrahams, CEO

Typ in a currency pairing that is relevant to your own life (e.g. GBP to EUR news). Keeping abreast of the political and economic drivers of market movements is very important.

Sylvia Carrasco, Goldex CEO

While none of these resources offer sophisticated, an easy-to-use app such as Goldex, they are very accurate guides for someone who wants to learn more about this asset class.

Chris Hill, CEO of Hargreaves Lansdown

I come back to the Amazon and Netflix experiences – increasingly people want immediacy of services through their phone.

Richard Wilson, CEO of Interactive Investor

Available online at no additional charge for ii customers. What else could I possibly say..:-)

Barry McCarthy, CEO and Founder of Assure Hedge

Investopedia is every finance student’s best friend!

Thomas Peterffy, founder and CEO of Interactive Brokers

I am not much of a believer in investment books. I think people’s most valuable resource should be their own common sense.

Toby Triebel, European CEO at Wealthsimple

We’re huge fans of Emilie’s monthly newsletter on unbiased financial information and resources for women.

Jeff Kelisky, Seedrs CEO

It’s changed quite a lot over the years, but I first cut my teeth with online investing insight from The Motley Fool, a slightly irreverent but serious site set up in the early 90s by two brothers. Still good.

Adrian Enache, CEO of Angels Den

The e-learning section of the UK Business Angels Association (UKBAA) website.

Gonçalo de Vasconcelos, CEO of SyndicateRoom

One of the most active business angels in the UK, has a blog and a book worth reading

Rezaah Ahmad, CEO of WiseAlpha

A good read about the fixed income industry from an established publishing house

Adam Dodds, CEO of Freetrade

I’ve found Investopedia to be fine for new users wanting to learn about the ins and outs of investing. It’s quite US-orientated, but a good starting point.

Mike Read, Pelican CEO

Rather than being overwhelmed quantity of content CityFalcon seem to do a good job of filtering out the articles that aren’t of relevance to me.

Peter Cruddas, founder and CEO of CMC Markets

Twitter can be a great resource for traders. Not only can you get instant news updates, it is also a good source of information for what’s happening in the markets.

Yoni Assia, founder and CEO of eToro

We are also big fans of Finimize which provides a simple digest of the top two financial stories each day.

Clive Lambert MSTA is CEO of Futurestechs

If you wanted a “one-stop shop” book on TA, it’s the bible

Anil Stocker, CEO of Market Finance

Enterprise Nation’s Small BusinessSessions by Emma Jones

Use social media to follow successful entrepreneurs and business leaders – you’ll be amazed at the depth and breadth of content they share online.

Mark Ackred, CEO of Dabbl Invest

This informative site covers a wide range of money-related topics, from explaining what Bitcoin is to how to start your own business.

Dan Moczulski, CEO of Star Financial Systems

Rightly or wrongly it continues to break financial news quicker and more consistently that any established media outlet.

Jonathan Hufford, Spreadex CEO

Robbie Burns has penned really informative books about spread betting and trading psychology.

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