Global Trading Championship

The GTC, is a one-day professional trading competition held in The City of London where the winners is the trader with the best percentage returns. All traders are on an even playing field and use the same trading platform, with the same starting balance and all trade the same instruments during main market hours. The GTC is more than just a trading competition, it is a chance for traders to meet, network and discuss their strategies. As well as the main trading event, the venue will also host seminars, speakers, providers, and food and drink.


  • All traders must have an approved and £10k funded professional account with one of our sponsoring brokers.
  • Traders are not obliged to make a trade during the event
  • Traders must all trade the same pre-determined instruments.
  • Only trades executed on our sponsoring broker’s platform will be counted.
  • Accounts must start the competition with the same account balance
  • The competition will run for one day during main market hours.
  • Accounts must be flat before the competition starts.
  • All positions must be closed by the end of the competition or face disqualification.
  • Only positions opened and closed during that period will be counted.
  • The winner will be determined by the trader with the greatest percentage profit generated from trades during the competition period.


  • 6am doors open
  • 8am opening bell (trading begins)
  • 4:30 closing bell (closing only)
  • 5pm all accounts must be flat
  • Break for results analysis
  • 6pm winners announced
  • Afterparty