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Home > News > launches in Spain & Sponsors Valencia CF, the CFD broker which uses artificial intelligence to create a better trading experience has just sponsored Valencia CF.

We met up with a while ago and as they are now FCA regulated we’ve added them to the Good Broker Guide.

It’s probably a sensible move as most other CFD brokers sponsor football teams. So why shouldn’t they?

Some may argue that CFD and Forex trading is not appropriate for the majority of football fans, and that inexperienced clients who have no trading experience won’t pass the account opening process.

But, in a world where there are more and more CFD brokers setting up shop, brand awareness is a huge draw to signing up new clients.

High profile sponsorships are (I suppose) a significant draw for larger traders. Broker visibility and accountability are a big issue now. Now more than ever brokers have to be transparent about their business model.

Just look at what happened to Robinhood.

If you don’t know them, they are a bit like Uber for investing. Positioning themselves as “for the people”. They are massively VC backed, offering stock trading and investing for free. Then, oh dear, turns out they are flogging client orders to evil high-frequency trading firms. If you want to know more about why this is a bad thing read Flash Boys by Michael Lewis.

Anyway, I digress, are launching in Spain and as such advertising through soccer sponsorship.

It’s a nice intuitive trading app and we’ll follow up with a video walkthrough at some point.

For more info on read our review or our interview with CEO Ivan Gowan.

Here’s what Ivan had to say on the sponsorship deal…

“Our goal is to make the financial world more accessible, engaging and useful. Our award-winning platform is built to be user-friendly and with the customer’s needs in focus. Its patented AI technology provides personalized information to help user to optimize their investments.”

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