What is Interactive Investor’s Super 60 and should you invest in it?

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In light of recent events in the fund investing world, it appears that picking funds, is as hard as picking stocks. So can Interactive Investor’s Super 60 pick winners?

Investment platforms tend to feature specific funds, so here we take a look at Interactive Investor’s Super 60

Investment platform, Interactive Investor launched its Super 60 range of open-ended funds to provides its clients with a select group of investment choices.

II’s Super 60 is selected by their investment committee whose decisions are, they stress, entirely independent of any other commercial considerations. It is driven, they say, by unbiased, independent research from II’s own collective group of experts.

“The list is designed to offer a filtered selection of collective investment vehicles which will be appropriate for all investors, whether they are new to investing or experienced investors,” said Moira O Neil, Head of Personal Finance at II. “Our objective is to provide a menu of high-quality choices among the available investments across a broad variety of markets and investment types.”

This range reflects a belief that some investment funds concentrate less on the investors themselves and concentrate more on the fund environment. The list is therefore wide ranging and includes active and passive funds across all markets and asset types. It focuses on what O Neil describes as ‘core low cost income holdings which are likely to represent the majority of an investor’s portfolio.’ This includes some investments in smaller organisations which might be considered adventurous or high risk.

In short, this list is designed to provide a filtered group of opportunities which should be appropriate to all investors. They can search the list narrowing down selections according to various criteria in the knowledge that, according to II’s experts, these represent the best quality choices in these markets.

How the ii Super 60 funds are selected

The Super Sixty Funds were selected from Money Observer’s Rated Fund Universe. The committee selected funds based on the merits of each individual fund rather than any discounts or commercial relationships.

They underwent a seven-stage process overseen by II’s investment committee. Those which came out of this screening were then analysed and risk profiled before being discussed by the company’s experts before finally being approved for inclusion in the list. The Super 60 will continue to be monitored for ongoing performance, fund changes and any developing problems.

This is, then, an attempt on the part of II to present its clients with a selection which works for a range of investment tastes and pushes them towards the highest quality options. Others are doing a similar thing with Hargreaves Lansdown launching its Wealth 50 Fund Idea list. As always, it’s important to remember that this list simply represents the opinion of II’s experts and is not a personal recommendation. It can be used as a pointer to guide you along the way. You should always ensure each option is suitable for your own circumstances and investment goals.

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