Time to buy BHP shares?

20th August 2019 Jackson Wong PhD

After some weeks of falling share prices, have miners reached temporary bottoms? BHP Billiton, the world-class mining conglomerate, reports today a rise in its full-year profits. Its 12-month earnings reach a staggering $9.1 billion; dividends […]

Fixed Income

Greatest bubble in a decade?

19th August 2019 Jackson Wong PhD

Great financial bubbles are a generational thing. The dot-com bubble lasted the entire nineties; as did the Japanese bubble a decade earlier. Are government bonds the current ‘Bubble of the Decade’? Over the past year, […]


Upheaval in UK property REITs

12th August 2019 Jackson Wong PhD

The past few months saw the UK economy slam by three tornadoes: Brexit, a slowing world trade, and downtrending retail figures. A lot of these economic stress are channeling into the UK property sector. Flatlining […]

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