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One of the biggest frustrations for big spread betting traders is not getting filled on a order and getting it rejected.  it can results in loss of profits or note being able to cut a loss making position quickly.  Unlike CFD trading where you have the option of trading direct on the underlying exchanges, until now this has not been possible with spread betting.

IG state in their advertising that:

We’re the first in the industry to offer clients partial fills on their online trades. If you are a client who trades in large sizes you will be able to accept a partial fill to increase your chance of a successful execution.

This is, of course, true, but any big trader can always get a partial fill, or get a dealer to work an order for them by simply picking up the phone.

Spread betting is not that different to any other sort of trading.  You speculate on a price and either make or lose money.  It’s the way the trade is wrapped as a CFD, spread bet or purchase that makes the difference.  Most good spread betting customers will hedge directly big orders.  Mainly because it’s easier to hedge big orders (smaller orders are often under the exchange minimum size), but also because bigger clients tend to be more experienced traders.

Getting partially filled in an order will be particularity helpful for equity traders using spread betting, but could also be helpful for spread betting clients trading indices and foreign exchange outside of normal market hours when liquidity is not so great.

They presumable already have the technology in place with their DMA CFD service, so offering it to spread betting clients is a smart move.  As always it’s good to see IG continue to innovate and offer new and efficient ways for their clients to trade the global markets.

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