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ThinkMarkets has partnered with Chicago-based Fintech TradingView to improve the analysis and charting capabilities of its Think Trader Web platform.

ThinkMarkets Adds TradingView

Think Trader Web now offers 13 distinct chart types alongside a suite of drawing tools, with which to annotate and mark up charts.

Allowing for easier identification of chart patterns, signals and trends.

Charts can now be drawn over 10 different time frames, which means that traders can view markets over both the short, or longer term.

Viewing charts in the same instruments across multiple time frames can be highly instructive and can allow traders to get a handle on the bigger picture and wider sentiment, in a stock or FX pair.

What’s more, traders can now monitor up to 8 different charts simultaneously, using Think Trader Web.

Whether thats 8 different instruments or a smaller number of markets over a variety of time frames.

The scaling and periodicity of individual charts can also be adjusted, so that traders can now view the charts they want to see, from the viewpoint and timescales that suit them best.

TradingView is now a must have for brokers

TradingView is rapidly becoming the industry standard for charting in financial markets and is used by more than 50 million traders and chartists worldwide.

The platform has grown in popularity with both brokers and clients helped in no small part by the ability for users to create their own indicators and scripts in TradingView’s proprietary Pine Script code.

ThinkMarkets was established in Australia in 2010 and now has offices in Europe, North America, Africa, the Middle East, and across Asia.

ThinkMarkets currently holds 10 distinct regulatory licences.

Offering clients access to high-end charting and analysis tools is a shrewd move by ThinkMarkets, the cost of acquiring a client is one the biggest bills that brokers face.

It’s much more economical for a broker to listen to what their customers want and retain their existing clients, by providing them with those tools and functionalities.

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