Saxo has launched CFD index options on 15 of the major global indices.

It’s a nice addition to Saxo’s already excellent options offering.

You can already trade on exchange index options, forex options, equity options on SaxoTraderGo (compare options brokers here).

The options are European style and settle as cash (as opposed to American style which can be settled early).

The launch of CFD index options has come at a fairly relevant time as the stock markets are (for want of a better phrase) “a bit top heavy”. Many pundits are suggesting a large correction is coming and as such options provide a great tool for investors to protect portfolios and exposure against significant and unexpected moves.

Here’s an example of Saxo’s CFD index options on the DJIA (DJX)

There’s no watchlist set up for the CFD index options, but if you use the below table and enter the code into the search box it launches the CFD index options deal ticket.

Commenting on the launch, Magnus Sundby, Product Manager – CFD & Equities, said:

“This new product range will lower the entry barrier for clients looking to trade options, as CFD options reduce the cost of trading for clients by giving them access to cost-effective investment and hedging strategies as well as tools to help them manage the risk. Compared to traditional Listed Options, the CFD Options will also provide clients with greater flexibility in terms of contract size, since the lot is equal to one Index. By lowering the size of the contract, we allow more clients to trade Index Options, and enable them to manage their risk more efficiently – yet another example of how we continue to democratise trading and investing.”

Saxo Clients can trade CFD index options on the below (we’ve also included their handy size and fee guide)

Saxo Index Option CFD pricing and search codes

AEXAEX Index1 Index1.10EUR
DJXDow Jones Industrial Average Index1/100 Index1.10USD
ESXFTSE 100 Index1 Index1.10GBP
HSIHang Seng Index1 Index1.10HKD
MIBOFTSE MIB Index1 Index1.10EUR
NDXNasdaq 100 Index1 Index1.10USD
NKYNikkei 225 (Osaka)1 Index1.10JPY
OBXOBX Index1 Index1.10NOK
ODAXDAX Index1 Index1.10EUR
OESXEuro Stoxx 50 Index1 Index1.10EUR
OMXSWE30OMX Stockholm 30 Index1 Index1.10SEK
OSMISMI Index1 Index1.10CHF
PXACAC 40 Index1 Index1.10EUR
SPXS&P 500 Index1 Index1.10USD
XJOS&P ASX200 Index1 Index1.10AUD

If you want to put on options strategies like straddles, strangles or other multi-legged options strategies you can do so with their combination order ticket. The combo ticket was launched back in 2016 and here’s what Georgio Stoev, Futures and Listed Options Product Manager, said:

“Instead of trading options leg by leg using multiple trade tickets, the different legs can now be delivered as one order and executed as one.”

“Through multi-legged strategies, clients will be presented with unique opportunities to participate in established option strategies such as straddle, ratio spreads and iron condor, among others.”

Find out more about Saxo here

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