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If anybody is looking for something to do on the last Friday before half term may we suggest possibly the best trading game of all time…

Generally Friday’s are quite in finance, and even quieter just before half term when all the big clients who need looking after have already wrapped things up to go skiing.

On the basis that your corporate server hasn’t blocked it, instead of browsing miniclip for the umpteenth time give this trading game by Bloomberg a go (hopefully they won’t have blocked Bloomy too).

It’s a bit like those old space invaders games, but instead of shooting baddies you’re buying and selling historic stock charts (you don’t know what they are until afterwards).

The objective is to tap the chart to buy and out perform the market and if you look at the analysis most people do.  In a typical Bloomberg way it’s been put together by some clearly very smart people, and there is probably some super sinister hedge fund behind it mining the user data to auto trade the market with a high frequency algo on tick charts. But probably best not to think about that side of things….

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