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Yes, Hargreaves Lansdown’s investing app is one of the best and most secure apps for investing as they are authorised and regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority).

Hargreaves Lansdown Investing App Review
Hargreaves Lansdown

Name: Hargreaves Lansdown Investing App

Description: We have ranked Hargreaves Lansdown as the best investing app in our 2022 Awards. Hargreaves Lansdown wins best investing app in our 2022 awards the because it is suitable for anyone from absolute beginners to experienced active investors as you get a huge amount of information, data, research, market access and order types.
Capital at risk


  • Investments: Shares, ETFs, bonds & funds
  • Minimum deposit: £1
  • Account types: GIA, ISA, SIPP, JISA, JISA, JSIPP
  • Account charge: Shares £0, funds 0.45%
  • Dealing fee: Shares £5.95 – £11.95, funds £0

Fees: There is no account charge for shares in a general investment account with Hargreaves Lansdown. Funds are charged at 0.45% for the first £250,000. There is no charge for buying funds, but shares are charged at £11.95 per deal or £5.95 if you do over 20 deals per month.


Hargreaves Lansdown App


  • Thousands of UK and international shares, bonds & funds
  • Ready-made portfolios with different levels of risk
  • Excellent research and analysis
  • An established and listed company on the LSE.


  • Can be expensive for large fund portfolios
  • Pricing
  • Market Access
  • Online Platform
  • Customer Service
  • Research & Analysis


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