JM Finn Wealth Management client portal wins best app/portal of the year

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The award recognises comes as JM FINN continues to adopt digital technology to transform its operations and client services.

Wealth management firm JM Finn has picked up “best app/portal of the year at the Citywealth Brand Management & Reputation Awards. It’s a sign of how successfully well established firms are adopting to the digital landscape.

Their wealth management client portal was launched in June 2017 to address a growing need among their clients for digital services and includes features such as

  • Personal library: Which allows clients to choose paperless reporting. This means sensitive documents do not need to be sent through the post.
  • Client portal interface: A portal offering dedicated in person support as well as remote monitoring software which can help them access a client’s computer remotely to guide them through the portal.
  • Security: A secure messaging function which allows clients to send important documents online such as passports without using regular email.
  • Fraud alert button: New for 2020 was a fraud alert button which allows clients to send an alert to their investment manager if they suspect their email account has been compromised. This would lead to their account being frozen temporarily to avoid any damage.

In a post on their website, they welcomed news of the award saying:

“At JM Finn, we pride ourselves on this kind of accessibility and innovation. By putting our clients at the core of everything we do, we continue to provide more value, build an even stronger brand and connect better with our clients.”

The company has been growing rapidly over the past decade as it moved from a basic stocks and shares broker to a more rounded wealth management firm. Technology has been at the centre of this drive as it has adopted online and digital portals to keep pace with client demand.

It is also making itself felt with internal processes. Earlier this year, they announced that they were downsizing to a new, smaller, headquarters in London to take account of remote working. Like many firms they successfully transitioned to remote working during lockdown and believe a continued ‘agile approach’ to work will allow them to save money on office space.

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