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Question: I’m looking for a good options broker that has no limits on the number of positions you can place and accepts UK clients


There will always be a limit on the number of positions you can have open at any one time whoever your options broker is.

Firstly, your maximum position size will be limited by the amount of money/free funds you have on your account, the types of positions that you wish to open and their associated risk profiles.

If you are just going to be long puts or calls in isolation that will mean that the margin required on your account will be limited to the option premiums plus any commission, charges etc.

However, if you are intending to go short of put or call options or deal in combination trades or spreads then your risk profile and margin requirements will be much different.

Ultimately the underlying Futures and Options exchanges set out the maximum position limits in each contract they offer, and all users must abide by these requirements.

Lastly, remember that you should always trade with and through a reputable and regulated broker such as Saxo Capital Markets.

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