Which trading platform is best, CMC Markets or Saxo Markets?

CMC Markets is objectively a better trading platform than Saxo Markets when compared in our broker data matrix. CMC Markets has better customer reviews, has lower trading costs, is more established offers professional customers better leverage terms and provides more added value. Compare the features, prices, tools and platforms of these two top trading platforms, CMC Markets and Saxo Markets.

CMC Markets Key Features

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66% of retail investor accounts lose money when spread betting and/or trading CFDs with this provider.
CMC Markets Reviews
CMC Markets Total Markets
Forex Pairs338
UK Stocks745
US Stocks4968
CMC Markets Key Info
Number Active Clients308644
Minimum Deposit0
Inactivity Fee£10 per month
Public Company✔️
CMC Markets Account Types
CFD Trading✔️
Forex Trading✔️
Spread Betting✔️
DMA (Direct Market Access)
Futures Trading
Options Trading
Investing Account
CMC Markets Average Costs
FTSE 1001
DAX 301
S&P 5000.5
Crude Oil3
UK Stocks0.001
US Stocks$0.02 per share
Compare AlternativesCMC Markets Versus IG
CMC Markets Versus Pepperstone
CMC Markets Versus City Index
CMC Markets Versus Spreadex
CMC Markets Versus Saxo Markets
Table last updated: 24th November 2021 3:05 pm

Saxo Markets Key Features

saxo capital makets review
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62% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading spread bets and CFDs with this provider.
Saxo Markets Reviews
Saxo Markets Total Markets
Forex Pairs182
UK Stocks5000
US Stocks2000
Saxo Markets Key Info
Number Active Clients525000
Minimum Deposit500
Inactivity Fee£25 per quarter
Public Company
Saxo Markets Account Types
CFD Trading✔️
Forex Trading✔️
Spread Betting
DMA (Direct Market Access)✔️
Futures Trading✔️
Options Trading✔️
Investing Account✔️
Saxo Markets Average Fees
FTSE 1001
DAX 301
S&P 5000.5
Crude Oil0.5
UK Stocks0.0005
US Stocks$0.01 per share
Compare AlternativesSaxo Markets Versus IG
Saxo Markets Versus CMC Markets
Saxo Markets Versus Pepperstone
Saxo Markets Versus City Index
Saxo Markets Versus Spreadex
Table last updated: 24th November 2021 2:36 pm

Which trading platform has the best customer reviews?

CMC Markets has better customer reviews than Saxo Markets. CMC Markets score of 3.975 in our 7 point multi-factor ratings system, Saxo Capital Markets scores just 3.625 under this metric.

CMC Markets also outscores Saxo Capital Markets in our Good Money Guide reviews with a rating of 4.50 points compared to Saxo Capitals’ score of 4.0 points.

However, Saxo Capital Markets has a higher ranking in app store reviews, with scores of 4.4 out of 5 in the Apple app store, and 4.1 out of 5 in Google Play, compared to CMC Markets scores of 4.10 and 3.10 out of a possible 5.0.

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Which trading platform offers the most markets?

Saxo Markets offers more markets with a total of 19000 available instruments versus CMC Markets 9300. However, CMC Markets does offer more FX pairs 71, and commodities 33 compared to Saxo Capital who offer 57 FX pairs and 19 commodities to their clients.

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Which trading platform offers the most platforms?

Saxo Markets offers more trading platforms compared to CMC Markets. Saxo Markets has two in-house trading systems SaxoTraderGo and SaxoTraderPRO. In addition to which it offers Metaquotes MT4 and connectivity to third-party apps that you can trade from, such as TradingView and Multicharts. CMC Markets offers its own in-house platform in both desktop and mobile versions and MT4.

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Which trading platform offers the most different types of account?

Saxo Markets offers more account types than CMC Markest. Saxo Markets offers CFD and margin trading accounts as well as, investing SIPP and ISA accounts. CMC Markets offers Spread Betting and CFD trading accounts but does not offer savings and Investment accounts to its UK clients. Both brokerages offer accounts for retail and professional clients.

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Which trading platform is a more established business?

CMC Markets is more established than Saxo Markets having been formed in 1989. Saxo was founded in Denmark in 1992 and set up a permanent base in London’s Canary Wharf in 2006.

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Which trading platform has the lowest trading costs?

CMC Markets has lower FX spreads with an average in the 10 FX pairs we sampled of 0.574 compared to Saxo Markets’ average spread of 0.641. CMC markets is also cheaper in terms of commodity spreads in the majority of instruments within our matrix, that both brokers trade.

CMC Markets also have the tightest spreads when it comes to index trading, with an average score of 3.28 points versus Saxo Markets’ score of 3.83 points in the instruments we sampled. Saxo Capital Markets has tighter average spreads in commodities markets, however, compared to those charged at CMC Markets. However, as Saxo Markets offers a rebate based on trading volume, active traders may be able to negotiate lower trading costs through Saxo Markets.

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Which trading platform offers the most margin?


CMC Markets offers higher rates of leverage to professional customers than Saxo Markets, with ratios of up to 500:1 compared to the maximum forex leverage of 66:1 at Saxo Markets. For institutional traders Saxo Markets offers margin inline with exchange span overnight and intraday leverage levels.

Margins for retail traders are set at the FCA/ESMA thresholds at both CMC Markets and Saxo Markets, these are the maximum leverage ratios permitted under the current UK and European legislation.

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Which trading platform offers the lowest overnight financing rates?

CMC Markets has lower overnight financing costs than Saxo Markets in the instruments where a direct comparison is possible. For example on UK equity positions, CMC Markets charges Libor +/-2.93% compared to Saxo’s funding charge of Libor +3.50% on longs and -3.0% on shorts, the same differentials and funding rates apply in US equities as well.

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Which trading platform offers the most added value?

CMC Markets offers more added value with 6 points in our scoring matrix compared to Saxo Markets’ 5 points. The difference between the two firms is the positioning and sentiment tools that CMC Markets provides its customers with. Both brokers offer a personal service alongside education and research.

Education allows clients to learn about the markets, their terminology and trading strategies. Whilst research and analysis keeps clients up to date with market developments and thinking as well as potential trading opportunities.

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