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Polish multi-asset broker XTB is to introduce a new long-term passive investing product to its UK client base Investment Plans, as the new product is known will allow users to build a personalised portfolio of ETFs that are specifically aligned with their attitudes towards risk and their asset allocation choices.

Investing with XTB

Investors can choose the ETFs that they want to invest in and the amount of capital they want to allocate to each one.

As the portfolio grows and develops the allocation can be adjusted to keep it in line with the original investment objectives and XTB will alert clients as and when this becomes necessary.

Investment plan fees

Investment plans can only be created via the XTB app clients simply need to log in to their app and go to the save tab to start constructing an investment plan.

XTB is offering zero commission investing for those who invest less than €100,000 or equivalent per month.

Those clients that invest more than €100,000o  will pay a commission of 0.20% subject to a minimum ticket charge of £10.00.

There are also FX fees of 0.50% to pay if you trade in ETF that’s not denominated in your account’s base currency. For example, a sterling-based investor buying a US-listed ETF priced in dollars.

XTB clients will be able to make regular monthly deposits into their Investment Plans, and those funds will be allocated among the ETFs they have selected, in the weightings they have chosen.

Clients looking for long-term investments

XTB recently expanded access to fractional share trading for its UK clients, in the face of growing demand for trading in physical stocks and ETFs.

XTB UK’s Joshua Raymond said that 61% of the firm’s clients were now investing in real stocks and ETFs and not just leveraged products.

As part of that process, XTB now offers more than 3000 stocks from across 16 major exchanges alongside 300 ETFs all of which can be traded fractionally.

XTB had previously rolled out fractional share trading in European markets including Poland, Spain and Portugal.

XTBs recent initiatives show that brokers are listening to their client bases and are introducing the services they want access to expanding beyond traditional margin trading and investing and physical share trading.

There has been no mention of it as yet but might we see an XTB ISA for UK customers in the not-too-distant future I wonder?

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