There are many different types of foreign exchange providers. In our guide to currency providers, we highlight the differences between providers and types of service.

Compare Currency Brokers

If you have a large amount of currency you want to convert and transfer, a currency broker will give you the most flexibility and best exchange rates.

Compare Money Transfers

For small regular international currency transfers, money transfer providers offer a quick and cheap way to send small amounts of money.

Compare Forex Trading Platforms

Forex trading means speculating on the currency markets through a forex broker. For more information read our guide: how to trading forex

Compare Travel Money Rates

If you are going on holiday or traveling overseas for money, you can get better rates on travel money by buying currency before you leave.

Compare Corporate Foreign Exchange

Corporate currency services enable businesses to reduce their exposure to foreign exchange by providing processing, risk and hedging tools.

Compare Currency Quotes

Use our currency quote comparison tool to compare exchange rates from multiple providers in one go.