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Spreadex, one of the leading spread betting brokers has improved it’s charting package.

It’s been a long time coming as the Spreadex trading platform doesn’t go in for lots of flashing lights, dark brooding backgrounds or fancy dials.

Instead they focus on clear and concise information displayed in an easy to digest format.

The new charts are now live, featuring:

  • Five styles of charts with a multitude of easy-to-add technical indicators
  • Ability to show historical data for up to 10 years on all major instruments
  • Display the high, low, change and % change for the current day and period shown
  • Pop-out charts in new browser window (desktop) plus save and edit templates
  • Functionality to pinch to zoom in/out and rescale (mobile and tablet)

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In a note to clients Spreadex also said about their new market slippage tools. These Price Tolerance Threshold and Market Order tools allow traders to place trades more quickly in times of extreme market volatility.

In a note to clients Spreadex said:

When trading with Spreadex you can set your own Price Tolerance Threshold to assist you in more quickly placing trades during times of extreme market volatility.

This means you set a threshold on a price change you are happy to accept when placing a trade, in either number of points or a % away from your target level.

E.g. if you set a price tolerance of 3 points and tried to buy the UK 100 at 7541.8, this means you can still get a trade on at any point up to 7544.8 if the market moves while you are placing your trade.

Of course you will still get the very best price available, it doesn’t mean the price will be at the upper level. However, should the price jump past your threshold of 7544.8 the trade will be rejected.

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