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Leading spread betting broker Spreadex has a little treat for customers this week.

If you are an existing customer you may well have received an email offering a 50% rebate on UK 100 Daily trades this week.  Or FTSE 100 trades if you are not hindered by FTSE trade mark issues. The UK 100 most spread betting brokers offer is essentially the FTSE 100.

You don’t need to do anything, just check the promotions tab on the Spreadex financial trading app or online section of your account to see if you eligible.

There are a few terms attached

  • Trades for this week only,
  • Only applies to opening trades so normal spreads apply when you close a position.
  • The spreads will appear normal and then you’ll get a credit back in to your account
  • The rebate only applies to Spreadex’s mark up so you won’t see it as a full 50% of the bid offer

If you’re a bonus hunter Spreadex offer some pretty decent offers for the sports spread betting clients. Normally in the form of tech gadgets, so that’s well worth a little poke around too.

Spreadex offer spread betting, binaries (they call them speed markets), an online casino and fixed odds sports betting too. You can’t trade CFDs through Spreadex, but you can compare the best CFD brokers here.

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