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Tech giants compete with vaccine manufacturers are the most search for stocks on Google

The pandemic has created a surge in online share dealing. With many people having more time on their hands, many have taken the money they would have spent on holidays and going out and put it to work on the stock market. The result is a boom in the number of people searching for stocks to buy on the web. Now a new report from software company Bacancy Technology, has shown what they were looking for. The results will probably not surprise too many.

Dominating the list with four times as many searches as the nearest competitor was Tesla. The company founded by entrepreneur and part-time spaceman Elon Musk, clocked an average of 487,000 Google searches each month.

Apple, with 112,000 searches, was a distant second place, with Amazon rounding off the top three with 79,000.

 “The last year has seen public interest in investing soar to higher levels than ever before. Investment apps make it simple for someone without any financial experience or knowledge to get involved with the stock market,” said a spokesperson for Bacancy Technology. “And although we have seen companies such as GameStop hit the headlines due to amateur investors taking on Wall Street, this data shows that the general public is much more interested in stocks in the world’s biggest companies.”

The rest of the top ten search for stocks on Google reflects the impact of the pandemic with Pfizer, Moderna and Astra Zeneca sitting at fourth, fifth and seventh respectively. Microsoft, one of the world’s most popular stocks is nestled between them at number six.

The report highlights the growing popularity of investing and online trading platforms in particular. However, while more people are coming into the sector they are looking for all the usual things – namely big high profile companies with a proven track record of success.

It also hints at where investors think the big gains are likely to come. At a time of rapid digital transformation and a global pandemic, tech companies and vaccine manufacturers are seen as some of the safest bets out there.

Most searched for stocks: The Top Ten

  1. Tesla Inc: 487,000
  2. Apple Inc: 112,000
  3. com Inc: 79,000
  4. Pfizer Inc: 29,000
  5. Moderna Inc: 28,000
  6. Microsoft Inc: 27,000
  7. AstraZeneca PLC: 26,000
  8. Rolls Royce holdings PLC: 23,000
  9. Facebook Inc: 23,000
  10. Netflix Inc: 12,000

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