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Core Spreads, the discount spread betting and MT4 broker has updated their website.

The old Core Spreads website was a sort of single page scroll down that was quite trendy at the time and reflected their discount approach to trading. When Core Spreads launched their entire USP was based on offering the tightest spreads with no added value to keep their and (therefore) their customers costs down.

Over time the broker has matured, upgraded it’s trading platform and now offers MT4 as well.

Spreads are still tight (you can compare Core Spreads to other spread betting brokers here) and they have stuck to the principle of not offering any extras other than execution.

It’s a model that has served them well as most traders don’t actually use the tools provided on trading platforms. mainly because what it on offer from other MT4 brokers is quite generic.

Plus, when CFD brokers integrate trading tools, the full version is often only available by going to a technical analysis, news service or signal provider direct.

Anyway, we like the new website, it’s easier to navigate, spreads and market coverage are more prevalent and there is plenty of information about their welcome bonus and rebate program for regular traders.

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