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CMC Markets, one of the leading forex brokers in the UK, has launched Prime FX to service hedge funds, institutions and professional traders that are too small for the traditional prime brokers.

This puts CMC Markets in direct competition with brokers like Saxo Capital markets who have always looked after more high net work private clients and institutional accounts that require direct market access and greater liquidity.

Smaller funds are finding it harder to open accounts with the major prime brokers as commission and revenue from FX brokerage reduces. Many smaller accounts have been closed at the major prime brokers. A demographic that Saxo Capital Markets has been chasing over the past few years.

On CMC Markets new Prime FX Richard Elston, head of institutional at CMC Markets, commented:

“We have been actively providing our services to other institutional clients for over twenty years, during which time we have seen constant evolution in client demands. Our offering has changed to address this, but the recent scaling back of prime brokerage services by a number of major banks has created a huge market need. Our London Stock Exchange listing, international regulation and significant balance sheet means that CMC Markets is ideally placed to be a trusted counterparty when it comes to Prime FX.”

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