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Social trading platforms let you copy trading activity of experienced traders to help you make more profitable trades. The best copy trading platforms include social features to let you find, observe and copy experienced traders. This comparison can help you choose the cheapest and best platform for you.

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CFDs: Yes
Spread Betting: No
Pro Account: Yes
Total Markets: na
Forex Pairs: 47
Commodities: 19
Indices: 13
UK Stocks: 313
US Stocks: 1104
EURUSD: 0.3 pips
UK 100: 1.5 points
Wall Street: 6 points
Gold: 0.45 points
UK Shares: 0.9%
US Shares: 0.9%
See Offer71% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider

Pelican Trading

CFDs: Yes
Spread Betting: No
Pro Account: Yes
VariableVariableSee OfferBetween 74-89% of retail investors lose money when trading CFDs

ETX Connect

CFDs: Yes
Spread Betting: Yes
Pro Account: Yes
Total Markets: 5,000
Forex Pairs: 60
Commodities: 25
Indices: 34
UK Stocks: 350
US Stocks: na
EURUSD: 0.6 pips
UK 100: 1 point1
Wall Street: 4 points
Gold: 0.4 points
UK Shares: 0.1%
US Shares: 2¬Ę per share
See Offer 77.4% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider

What is copy trading?

Copy trading is a process by which traders copy the trades of another trader. It is a form of mirrored execution that have been around for a decade or so. However, it has recently been made popular by social trading networks like ayondo and etoro

Can you really make money with social trading?

It is possible to make money with copy trading. To do so you need to follow profitable traders. However, if you follow a trader that does not make money you will also lose money. It is possible to make more or less profit or loss than the trader you follow by setting your risk perimeters accordingly.

How to get started in copy trading

To get started and start social trading you need to have an account with a social trading broker or social trading network. They are essentially the same thing as the network acts as a broker for the traders to execute trades. When you have compared the social trading sites in our comparison tables and opened an account you then need to pick a trader to follow.

The best copy trading sites

The most important being the traders that allow other to follow them and how much profit they make. If a social trading network does not have any profitable traders it is obviously no good.

Copy trading reviews

You can read reviews of the top social trading brokers by clicking on the review link in our social trading site comparison tables. In the reviews we look at the key features like profitability, diversification, company history, management and innovative products and regulation.

How do copy trading gurus get paid?

The social trading gurus or trade leaders get paid two ways. First they bank their own profits from trading and secondly by either a flat fee per follower or a percentage of the income generated for the traders that follow their executions.

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