WiseAlpha Video Review & Walkthrough

If you've come here because you've Googled "WiseAlpha" reviews, then you can also read other customer reviews on the WiseAlpha review page, or read our interview with the founder and CEO Reezah Ahmed.

Here's a quick video review and walkthrough of WiseAlpha platform.

In our WiseAlpha video review, we take a quick look at the main features:

  • The bond note market place
  • The Robowise auto-investing feature
  • The My Account section
  • We buy a few bonds to demonstrate the process
  • A quick glimpse at the bond blog from WiseAlpa

If you do go on to open an account with them, please come back to the site to leave a review and let others know what you think.

Good morning. Richard Berry from the Good Money Guide here. Today, we’re going to have a quick look at WiseAlpha, the online bond investing platform. Their sell, what makes them different is that you can invest smaller amounts in big bonds. So bonds where usually, the minimum denomination is 100,000 upwards or so, they go into the market, they buy it and then write notes around it so that you can invest say £100 or a few thousand pounds into these high-yielding bonds.

There’s some pretty good yields on there at the moment. Just these ones we’re looking at, at the moment. You’ve got nearly 8%, 8.4%. Obviously the higher the yield, the higher the risks, and there are risks involved in bond investing. So make sure you know what you’re doing, you know what the risks are, and always seek independent financial advice, as they say, before you get involved.

If you’re not familiar with the Good Money Guide, this is us. We basically compare investment accounts, trading, investing, currency transfers and so on. Here, we have a bit of analysis on the site, you know, we interview CEOs, we pontificate about what’s going on in the market, and so on. So trading, investing, and currency transfers as well. We look at a bit of hedging too.

One of the companies on our site, this is it, WiseAlpha. We like to get customer reviews so if you’ve used them, do come back to the review page afterwards, and just let us know what you think in terms of how their pricing works, what their customer service is like, and how they generally make you feel.

If you want to know more about them, we had a chat with the CEO, Rezaah. As you can see, there he is. We had a little chat with him about what he’s trying to do with WiseAlpha, you know, why you should invest in bonds, what the risks, and some good resources if you want to learn more about bond investing.

Back to WiseAlpha. So this is the home screen. You’ve got the main market. This runs through all the bonds that you can invest in. You’ve got all the key information like the coupon, the yield, so that’s sort of where the price is relative to par, expiry date and so on. You can filter it down into the high-yield market, which are obviously the higher risk bonds. You’ve got things like these guys, 14.6%. Fairly high risk, that one’s going to be. Pizza Express, 15.5%. So you know, there’s some good opportunities in the high-risk market. You’ve got the petrol bonds that don’t expire. Some nice banking names there. And special situations, so things like Debenhams and New Look, who are obviously high-yield bonds for a reason.

They have something called RoboWise, which is where they do it for you. You can set up a balance or adventurous portfolio, and they’ll manage that for you. And they’ve got a nice My Account screen here, where you can have a look at your portfolio and so on.

You know, here’s one we did earlier. We did one investment and one industry that’s paying us 5.8%. We bought some Aston Martin shares because as Peter Hargreaves said in his biography, you know, invest in what you love. So that’s how it looks. Here’s the information on the Aston Martin bond we’ve bought. For the purposes of this review, we’ve just put £500 in and we’ll just go through the process of buying some bonds so you can see what the process is like.

Pizza Express, always good fun. Enjoy going there with the kids. It’s one of those restaurants that wherever you go in the world, they are never empty, despite how quiet the high street can be. So here we go. How much do we want? £150. Bond’s trading at 84.50. So there’s a fairly yield on that one. Place the order. Gives you a nice, little summary of what the trade you’re about to put on is. Confirm the order, and there we go. Order placed. And that should show up in our account. So there we go. So we’re down to £250 left. We’ve got the Aston Martin bond in there already; that’s settled. And we’ve got the open buy order for Pizza Express, which usually takes a couple of minutes for the bonds trades to settle, and then it’ll show in your account.

Let’s have a look at another one. You can also change the view, so if you don’t like this view, you can have the nice tabular view instead, which gives you a slightly easier view of the yields. Let’s see what is yielding. That’s a bit difficult. I’ve got to be honest with you, I think I prefer the pretty pictures. It’d be handy if you could rank via yield, coupon and expiry date and so on. But never mind. I’m sure they’ll put that in.

Ah, there we go. William Hill; we like a bit of a gamble as well. So let’s buy £100 worth of that. Despite what people think about gambling firms, they’re not really going anywhere quickly.

Center Parcs – I’ve been there twice. I mean it is what it is. But one thing it is, it’s horrendously expensive during half term and the school holidays, and people keep on coming back. So unless they do something incredibly daft, I think they should be around for a long time. So let’s buy £150 worth of that.
What you should do, which is a nice, diverse portfolio of bonds across various different classes. So there we go; we’ve got no actual dosh left. So our Pizza Express trade has settled, as has our William Hill, and we’re just waiting for the Center Parcs trade to settle.

They are WiseAlpha notes, so you can’t just go to the market and sell them immediately, but it is a fairly active market. So if you want to sell them, you just go back to the market and find a dealing ticket. Let’s have a look, where’s Pizza Express? There we go, then you just click sell instead. And then you can sell. But I think we’ll hold onto those. We’ll just leave them in there for a while. And I think what we’ll do is we’ll come back in a couple of months and do a quick recap of how they’ve done.

One other thing that’s worth looking at of course is their blog, where they pontificate about the bond market. It’s always worth reading some of this.

And as I said earlier, if you do use them, do come back to the Good Money Guide, let us know how you get on and leave us a review on the review section. We’re doing an awards thing at the moment so if you leave a review, someone goes in the pot to win £1,000 Amazon vouchers, just as a way of a thank you from us.

So there you go, quick recap of WiseAlpha for you. Do let us know how you get on and how you find them. All the best.

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