Who owns St James’s Place Wealth Management?

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St James’s Place is a public company listed on the London Stock Exchange, which trades under the ticker of SJP. The company has a market cap of £3.73 billion, a PE ratio of just over 10.0 times earnings, and a prospective dividend yield of 7.79%. But who owns shares in one of the largest wealth managers in the UK?

Who are the top ten shareholders in St James’s Place Wealth Management?

Major investing Institutions are the largest shareholders in St James’s Place Wealth Management.

The top ten shareholders of SJP include BlackRock, Baillie Gifford, Allianz and Schroders Investment Management, and they own just over 16.30% of the company between them.

Largest owners of St James’s Place Wealth Management shares

Investor Name Holding in Shares % of the Company Held
Ninety One SA (Pty) Ltd. 12,157,980 2.216 %
The Vanguard Group, Inc. 11,104,353 2.024 %
FIL Investment Advisors (UK) Ltd. 10,481,883 1.911 %
Harris Associates LP 8,832,517 1.610 %
Coronation Asset Management (Pty) Ltd. 8,701,201 1.586 %
BlackRock Investment Management (UK) Ltd. 8,203,544 1.495 %
Baillie Gifford & Co. 7,856,417 1.432 %
Allianz Global Investors GmbH 7,798,649 1.422 %
BLS Capital Fondsmæglerselskab A/S 7,257,619 1.323 %
Schroder Investment Management Ltd. 7,232,960 1.318 %

Source: marketscreener.com

Can anyone buy shares in St James’s Place?

As a publicly traded company, anyone can buy shares in St James’s Place, you can buy shares through a stockbroker or investment platform.

You will need to open an account and put sufficient funds in that trading account to pay for the shares you want to buy and any commission you are charged.

For example, the country’s largest stockbroker Hargreaves Lansdown charges a flat fee of £11.95 per equity trade. On the other hand, social trading platform eToro charges no commission or fees on equity trades made on its platform, including in the shares in St James’s Place.

Can you also buy St James’s Place shares through SJP?

No, St James’s Place doesn’t offer an equity trading service. Preferring instead to concentrate on unit trusts, ISAs, pensions, and investment bonds alongside portfolio planning and management.

Who founded St James’s Place?

St James’s Place was founded by the financier Sir Mark Weinberg in conjunction with Mike Wilson and Lord Jacob Rothschild. Initially known as J. Rothschild Assurance the business would later become St James Place Capital through a merger with a smaller entity, of the same name.

Who runs the company today?

St James’s Place is run by a management team and a board of directors overseen by CEO Andrew Croft who has been with the business since 1992 and CEO since 2018. He is assisted by CFO and Finance Director Graig Gentle, and COO Ian Mckenzie.

The board consists of Andrew Croft, Craig Gentle, the chair Paul Manduca and five other board members and directors.

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