FTSE100 breaking down….

24th October 2018 Jackson Wong PhD

Two days ago, I mentioned that the FTSE 100 Index is struggling to stabilise at 7,000. Indeed. Global equity selloff on Tuesday dragged the index below this psychological level. The index tested October’s low but, interestingly, […]


Five Ground Rules For Investing

4th October 2018 Jackson Wong PhD

Ground Rules – Investing In any game, there are rules. Some visible; some hidden. In the trading game, most are invisible. But then most beginners don’t know that. The ‘doing’ part of trading is actually […]


How To Invest In Defensive Stocks

26th September 2018 Jackson Wong PhD

Defensive Stocks In Times of Political Turbulence One of the first things investors learn about markets is to separate cyclical and defensive sectors. Cyclical stocks, they are told, behave like economic cycles. Up they go […]


How To Invest in Emerging Markets

6th September 2018 Jackson Wong PhD

If you read financial news regularly, you will know that emerging markets are in a tight spot these days. From Argentina to Turkey to Indonesia, many emerging countries are under severe financial duress. Their currencies […]

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