Is eToro any good for trading Natural Gas?

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You can trade Natural Gas as a CFD with eToro, and either go long or short. You can also reduce your leverage by setting your margin rates from as much as 100% (a fully paid-up position) or as low as 10%. You can also see what percentage of other eToro traders are speculating on the Natural Gas price going up or down. You can also trade the EuroNatGas variant with eToro, but your profit and loss with still be in USD and you will have to pay for the USDEUR conversion.

I’d say eToro is a good choice for taking a medium-term view on Natural Gas, if you are just placing a one-off trade. If you are interested in intraday trading, a futures broker will give you better pricing, or in the longer term, a CFD broker with lower overnight funding charges would save you a significant amount on interest charges.

eToro Natural Gas Trading

Nat Gas Trading Very Popular At eToro

eToro has exclusively told the Good Money Guide, that natural gas, has rarely been outside of its top ten most actively traded instruments, since September 2021, prior to which it barely featured at all.

That revenue growth was attributed to a significant increase in the number of active UK clients, particularly those who want to trade the markets via a socialised platform, where they can swap ideas and talk to fellow traders.

eToro’s UK registered users numbers rose to 3.20 million by August 2022, and they now account for more than 10% of the firm’s global client base. The growth in client numbers and revenue has come at a time when traditional markets have been under pressure.

Crypto Alternative

eToro‘s UK clients are seemingly undeterred by those numbers and have also been quick to embrace other asset classes.

eToro has long been associated with retail crypto trading, dealing in physical coins, rather than derivatives. Which, of course, are off-limits to private investors in the UK and Europe.

However, it’s not just cryptocurrencies that have caught the attention of the firm’s UK client base. Commodities and in particular, the energy markets have also proved popular.

Natural gas has become a mainstay among UK traders, something that the MD of eToro’s UK operations, Dan Moczulski, puts down to the fact that gas prices are often in the headlines.

Natural Gas Volatility

Natural Gas prices have been particularly volatile since Russia invaded Ukraine, and the Western powers sanctioned Russian exports, of which oil and gas are a major part.

As a result, natural gas was one of the most actively traded instruments at eToro during August. However, the interest in gas among retail traders goes back much further.

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