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What is Nutmeg Investments?

Nutmeg were among the first robo advice-led financial services in the UK. The FCA-regulated company offers a range of personal financial products which are supported by robo-advisors rather than humans which help keep costs down while still providing a tailored service online.

Nutmeg Expert Review

Nutmeg has more than £2bn in assets under management but is yet to make a profit.

Nutmeg is independently owned and free to choose any assets or funds it likes to support its product range. It is the leading robo-advice platform in the UK and has been endorsed by the government.

Nutmeg Account Types

  • Stocks and Shares ISA
  • Lifetime ISA
  • Junior ISA
  • Personal Pension
  • General investment account

Nutmeg Customer Reviews

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Average rating:  
 104 reviews
 by Frank

I love everything about this company

 by Jerry Tsang

Nutmeg have made investing incredibly straightforward. Their newsletter and video blogs have been invaluable resources in helping me understand the principles of investing and economics

 by Mike Ferris

I’ve had a lot of interaction with Nutmeg and they have always been helpful. Responses are accurate and concise. They always understand any question I present to them. I hope that continues.

 by Christian hill

I’ve been using nutmeg for over a year now and its been so easy and I’ve had no dramas at all. Any enquiries I’ve made have been dealt with super quick and in a competent manner. I hope they carry on succeeding in their chosen business field. I’m looking forward to hopefully being part of the crowd funding

 by Sofia Hansrod

Nutmeg has eased me into a whole new journey with investing. The detailed Risk Profile gave me an insight into my values about investing and surprisingly I discovered I’m much less risk averse than I had imagined. The gains on my investment have been impressive and the platform is so simple and easy to use! As a woman totally new to investing it took away the complexity that often causes you to give up on something new due to to sheer overwhelm. I wish I’d begun my Nutmeg journey much earlier and would definitely recommend the platform!

 by Colin

The simplicity of the product offered was the greatest draw for me. I could easily go with ready-packed products or I could pick & choose what I wanted having read very clear instructions & information.
The way information is displayed makes it easier for the lay person to understand.

 by Mary D McCrae

I am a very small investor but I have found all information from Nutmeg easy to understand and when I had to contact them I found them helpful. I like to see monthly updates by Shaun Money Manager on Facebook and they ask for questions from investors. I also like the fact that they have eco portfolios.

 by Matt Cleary

The Nutmeg platform is intuitive to the point where you are unlikely to need support however on the one or two occasions I have had to contact them they have been exactly what you have a right to expect, quick, knowledgeable and happy to help. The app gives me great insight into where my money is invested and I feel engaged to want to continue, as a first time investor they have helped transform my financial security by helping me to make investing part of my routine behaviour.

 by Catherine Kershaw guy

Clean,simple and informative .

 by Giles

I like Nutmeg because it presents an inclusive outlook, which makes me feel included in the business. My previous ISA provider by contrast, was remote and inaccessible and presented charges that were unreasonable. The regular video updates from Sean and his team is encourage investors to take a closer interest in what is going on. Excellent social ethics and the offer for ethical investing.

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Nutmeg Investments Frequently Asked Questions:

Is nutmeg investment safe?

Nutmeg is regulated by the FCA which means a certain amount of client funds are protected by the FSCS.

Is Nutmeg a good investment?

The performance of the Nutmeg portfolios has varying degrees of risk all linked to the overall stock market. If the stock market does well so do Nutmeg portfolios.

Who owns Nutmeg investments?

Nutmeg is owned by several venture capital firms including Goldman Sachs Principal Strategic Investments, Convoy, Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank, Balderton, Pentech Ventures & Schroders.

What does Nutmeg invest in?

Nutmeg invests in ETFs, which are exchange-traded funds. They generally track the performance of stock markets and baskets of assets such as bonds.
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