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Clim8 Invest, the online sustainable investing platform, that is backed by the venture arm of the British Business Bank and Channel 4 ventures, has introduced a new regular savings feature into its App.

Clim8 Invest Regular Investing

Clim8 Invest has introduced the ability for clients to save regular weekly or monthly amounts, via a new recurring payments feature in their app’s functionality.

To set up the feature clients merely need to login and then select their ISA or General Investment Account (GIA) and then select setup recurring payment.

They then choose either monthly or weekly time frames and the amount they wish to invest.

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How does Clim8 invest in the market?

Clim8 Invest is all about investing with a focus on climate impact, the firm has identified six core “Clim8 themes” which it believes can help the world to reach the UN’s sustainable development goals.

The themes include green energy, clean mobility and sustainable food and water systems.

Clim8 does not invest in fossil fuel extraction, tobacco, gambling and weapons, or even large technology companies.

Preferring to use technology to select investments, running candidates through three screens:  environmental, thematic and financial before making their selections.

Each client portfolio is optimised for both growth potential and climate impact and the investments are actively managed and regularly rebalanced.

Clim8 offer cautious, balanced and adventurous portfolio styles through stocks and shares ISAs or a GIA.

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Why should you consider investing via regular payments?

Saving and investing on a regular basis is seen as an efficient way to access the markets. Investors get to spread their risk and average into their portfolio, which will help smooth out the peaks and troughs of the market.

It also allows investors to take advantage of long-term features such as compounding, and the fact that the length of time you are in the market is at least as important as your stock or investment selection.

Timing the market is almost impossible to do, and missing out on just a few days of market performance can greatly reduce your returns.

Bank of America recently published research that showed that missing out on the 10 best performing days in a decade, since 1930, can really make a difference.

For example, an investment in the S&P 500 in 2010 that included the 10 best performing days over the next 10 years returned +190%, while an investment that missed out on those 10 key days generated just +95%over the decade.

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