Please note that since this article was written the FCA has banned retail traders from trading cryptocurrency derivatives. If you would like to speculate on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies you need to use a cryptocurrency exchange or cryptocurrency wallet.

Should people be allowed to trade crypto CFDs?

I’m a big believer that traders should have access to markets they want to trade. However, this market needs to be regulated. Crypto trading is not going anywhere and I sincerely hope that the FCA doesn’t ban Crypto CFDs, but rather regulators is so we don’t have another binary option/carbon credits wild west on our hands.

After all, people want to trade and they should be provided with a safe, secure and regulated environment to do it in.

Who offers the tightest Bitcoin CFD spreads and pricing?

Anyway, if you are want to take on the massive risk of trading Crypto CFDs you can compare bitcoin CFD brokers here, but if you just want to know who has the tightest Bitcoin CFD spreads here is a quick comparison below:

IG Bitcoin Spreads: 7964.64/8000.64 = 36 point (about 0.22%)

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IG Bitcoin Spreads

ETX Capital Bitcoin Spreads: 7955.1/8008.7 = 53.6 point (about 0.33%)

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ETX Capital Bitcoin Spreads

Plus 500: 7963.80/7,999.90 = 36.01 point (about 0.22%)

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Plus 500 Bitcoin Spreads

eToro: 7954.53/8014.36 = 59.83 points (about 0.37%)

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eToro Bitcoin Spreads

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