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Interactive Brokers has enabled access for its clients to the Cboe Europe Derivatives exchange or CEDX. Interactive Brokers’ clients will now be able to access an extended range of European equity derivatives. A move that expands the existing product range already available to them.

CEDX allows Interactive Brokers’ clients to trade European stock options on over 300 leading companies, drawn from across 14 European countries.
It also offers European equity index futures and options, based on benchmarks such as the Cboe Eurozone 50, Cboe Germany 40, and Cboe UK 100.

Does this replace IB’s existing European derivatives offering?

No, the CEDX integration complements Interactive Brokers’ current European derivatives offering across the Eurex and Euronext exchanges.

The new CEDX offering provides an additional avenue for clients to trade in European markets.

Clients now have a broader range of European equity and index derivatives to choose from, all available on a single Interactive Brokers trading platform.

Providing them with more flexibility, diversification and the ability to fine-tune their market exposure through various trading strategies.

No CDEX exchange fees

Yes, CEDX has waived its exchange, market data, and connectivity fees for Interactive Brokers’ clients until the end of 2024, making it cost-effective to trade on the new exchange.

Both parties to the new offering were upbeat about its potential.

Milan Galik, Chief Executive Officer of Interactive Brokers said:

“The introduction of Cboe Europe Derivatives underscores our commitment to providing clients with an extensive range of products to enhance their trading strategies at low cost. As investors increasingly use derivatives to diversify and fine-tune market exposure, CEDX broadens the investment options available for our clients.”

Iouri Saroukhanov, Head of European Derivatives, Cboe Europe, added

“We’re thrilled that clients of Interactive Brokers can now access Cboe Europe Derivatives’ suite of pan-European equity derivatives contracts. This is a significant milestone in CEDX’s journey to improve the ability of retail investors to gain access to and benefit from European derivatives, particularly options.”

The CEDX exchange is part of the Cboe’s wider push into Europe and it compliments the group’s equity trading operations on the continent.

Interactive Brokers is a global, technology-led trading and brokerage business, with 40 years of experience in exchange-traded derivatives.

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