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I got an email today from Plus 500 about their newly launched Women in Leadership Index. But what is it and where can you trade it?

Fair play to Plus 500, they really are trying to grow up as a broker. they started off letting no end of trader job about in Forex trading, with probably the easiest of all account opening processes.

They then got ticked off by the FCA for making it too easy. Plus, at the same time, they were getting criticised by clients for letting them open an account but then asking for ID docs before withdrawals could be made. Not all, Plus 500s fault, of course, it’s standard AML requirements.

However, because Plus 500 basically revolutionized the accounts opening process for CFD brokers, all the others like IG, CMC Markets, Saxo Capital Markets and ETX Capital had to up their game.

The result, it became easier than ever for people to open a trading account, anywhere.

Which mean that people that shouldn’t really be trading started losing their money because of dodgy affiliates, Instagram scams and bonkers marketing.

But anyway, despite being sent to the headmaster’s office so many times for share price caning, Plus 500 are still adding new markets to their online CFD platform, for example, they were one of the first UK brokers to offer a CFD Cannabis Index.

It’s a fairly basic platform, essentially just charts and buy and sell buttons, but in reality, if you are just taking a position you don’t need anything more. Financing is a little more than other brokers, but they do actually provide one of the clearest explanations of overnight financing (see below). Something that brokers have traditionally conveniently forgotten to tell clients about.

Anyway, The Women In leadership Index… What is it?

According to BITA, who produce the index it is actually the US WOMEN IN POWER GIANTS index which is:

The US Women in Power Giants Index aims to capture the Gross Total Return Performance of the largest publicly listed American companies that are led by a female CEO. The index components are listed in liquid US-based exchanges, weighted by float-adjusted market capitalization, and rebalanced on a quarterly basis. Index values are disseminated in real-time.

So there you go, it’s an index of companies that are lead by a female CEO…

Which currently constitutes: 

  • Hershey Company: HSY
  • CMS Energy Corporation: CMS
  • Synchrony Financial: SYF
  • KeyCorp: KEY
  • Ross Stores, Inc.: ROST
  • Ulta Beauty Inc: ULTA
  • Mylan N.V.: MYL
  • Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.: AMD
  • Alliant Energy Corp: LNT
  • Oracle Corporation: ORCL
  • International Business Machines Corporation: IBM
  • Lockheed Martin Corporation: LMT
  • Anthem, Inc.: ANTM
  • Duke Energy Corporation: DUK
  • General Motors Company: GM
  • Occidental Petroleum Corporation: OXY
  • General Dynamics Corporation: GD
  • Northrop Grumman Corporation: NOC
  • Progressive Corporation: PGR
  • Arista Networks, Inc.: ANET
  • Ventas, Inc.: VTR
  • American Water Works Company, Inc.: AWK
  • Nasdaq, Inc.: NDAQ
  • Kohl’s Corporation: KSS

Where else can you trade Women in Leadership Indices?

There are a few other options for example:

  • Barclays Women in Leadership Total Return Index – ETF Tracker
    • To be included in the index, a company must, among other things, have a female CEO and/or at least 25% female members on the board of directors.
    • The MSCI World Women’s Leadership Index is based on the MSCI World Index, its parent index which includes large and mid-cap stocks
      across 23 Developed Markets (DM)* countries. The MSCI World Women’s Leadership Index aim to represent the performance of companies
      that exhibit a commitment towards gender diversity among their board of directors and among the leadership positions. The index aims
      to include companies which lead in their respective countries in terms of female representation in Board and in leadership positions
  • FTSE Women on Boards Leadership Index Series
    • The FTSE Women on Boards Leadership Index Series is designed to integrate leadership in gender diversity into a broad market benchmark. These indexes increase exposure to companies based on the strength of their diversity leadership at the board level and how well they manage wider impacts on society. This is achieved by the use of a tilt (or stock weight adjustment) to integrate gender diversity and social impact.
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