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Compare money transfer providers that can help you send money internationally or receive money in the UK. These money transfer companies can offer better rates and faster transfers vs banks because they specialise in international transfers.

Money Transfer ProviderWho are they?What do they offer?Best for?More Info

Founded in 2011, transferwise was founded to primarily assist with small regular international money transfers.Transferwise offer a very low cost way to send money abroad. There is an excellent tool for getting live quotes on the websiteMaking normal international payments for personal and business transactions,See Offer


Azimo offers international money transfers to over 200 countries. The Aizmo money transfer app has had over a million downloads and over 30,000 5* reviews.Azimo claim to be able to save up to 90% vs banks and traditional money transfer providers. Fees depend on the type of currency transfer and start at £1.Azimo are good for small international money transfers. The Azimo offering is mobile first so suits those happy to do everything on their phone.See Offer


OFX are one of the largest money transfer providers in the world. OFX have 1 million customers around the world and have transferred over £80 billion in currency.OFX is a traditional currency broker that also offers smaller international money via their online currency conversion platform.Personal service & competitive rates from a currency broker with global offices.See Offer

Xe money transfers Xe

Last year Xe group made over $115 billion in international currency transfers.With Xe money transfers you can send money internationally 24/7 at bank beating rates & zero fees.Small one off currency transfers. quick and simple online process and sign up.See Offer

Please note if you are sending over £10,000 it is possible to save up to 4% on foreign exchange transactions by using a currency broker as opposed to your bank. Use our quote form to request quotes from multiple money transfer providers or see here for travel money.

You can also request quotes from all the brokers at the same time here. Fees relate to how far exchange rates are from the mid-market.

Money transfer companies offer exchange rates that are much better than banks and because they specialise in foreign exchange the process is much more user friendly.  Most established currency brokers do not charge a commission or any fee for paying the money to an international beneficiary.