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Compare the best brokers for trading RBS Shares. All brokers in this list are authorised and regulated by the FCA.

Ensure that you are using the best accounts for trading RBS Shares. Here is a comparison list of the best platforms for trading RBS Shares

CFDs & spread betting carries a high level or risk and losses can exceed your deposits.

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Royal Bank Of Scotland Group plc shares (RBS) have gone through a turbulent recent history, as RBS was one of the banks bailed out by the government after the financial crash. The RBS share price has also seen a volatile 12 months reaching highs of 320p and lows of 148p, but nothing in comparison to the events of several years ago.

Those who invested in RBS shares before the financial crash saw some huge losses, however, many people still own RBS and of course there are investors who have bought this stock in more recent times and there will undoubtedly be potential investors waiting in the wings and watching the current share price closely. Many of these people may not realise that they could be missing out on the chance to save a bit of cash next time they take the decision to use a broker to trade in these shares, as it is now possible to shop around to find the lowest rates of share dealing commission.

How does a potential share trader shop around? Easy, this is where our CFD broker comparison and stock brokers comparison steps in to answer that potential money saving question. This independent website has a wealth of information on just about every type of broker that you can imagine and the site aims to provide consumers with what is considered to be the key information that will allow them to make an informed decision when choosing or switching stock brokers.

The layout of the comparison tables used on the site are displayed in a very easy to read format, with a useful list of some of the leading online stock brokers, including forex broker IG, Hargreaves Lansdown, Barclays, Interactive Investor and TD Direct.

From there on in, it is just a simple case of comparing, applying and trading!

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